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Hi Friends,

Well, it is Thanksgiving week and this is my third edition of “A Hallmark Christmas (2015) Weekly,” I hope you are enjoying it so far. I’d love for more “Hallmarkies” to see it and have fun here, because I truly enjoy preparing these post. I’ve always wanted to host a Christmas blog with lots of Christmas season fun, so for now this is the next best thing. If you haven’t had a chance to read Week 1 and Week 2, click the links. This Thanksgiving week, they are lots of movies new and old to enjoy, so happy thanksgiving and happy “Countdown to Christmas.”

New This Week

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Northpole: Open For Christmas– Hallmark Channel- Saturday, November 21st, 8/7c

Merry Matrimony– Hallmark Channel-Sunday, November 22nd, 8/7c

Murder She Baked: A Plum Pudding Mystery– Hallmark Movies & Mysteries- Sunday, November 22nd, 8/7c

Once Upon a Holiday– Hallmark Channel- Wednesday, November 25th, 8/7c

The 12 Gifts of Christmas– Hallmark Channel- Thursday, November 26th, 8/7c

I Hope You Dance– Hallmark Movies & Mysteries- Thursday, November 26th, 8/7c

Crown for Christmas– Hallmark Channel- Friday, November 27th, 8/7c


Other Christmas Favorites

Hallmark Channel:

A Holiday Engagement -Nov 21st (10 A.M), Nov 22nd (12 A.M)

I’m Not Ready For Christmas- Nov 21st (12 P.M), Nov 26th (6 P.M)

Best Christmas Party Ever – Nov 21st (2 P.M),

Christmas Incorporated- Nov 21st (12 P.M),

Northpole – Nov 22nd (8 A.M), Nov 27th (12 A.M, 2 P.M)

Snow Bride – Nov 23rd (12 A.M, 4 P.M),

A Christmas Pageant- Nov 23rd (2 A.M)

A Family Thanksgiving- Nov 24th (6 A.M)

Love at the Thanksgiving Day Parade- Nov 25th -(12 A.M, 8 P.M)

Thanksgiving House – Nov 25th (2 A.M, 4 P.M)

Debbie Macomber’s Trading Christmas – Nov 26th (4 A.M)

Naughty or Nice (2012)- Nov 27th (2 A.M)

Hallmark Movies & Mysteries:

Christmas With Holly- Nov 21st (1 A.M)

The Note- Nov 21st (3 A.M)

The Christmas Shepherd- Nov 21 (7 P.M), Nov 22nd (3 P.M)

A Christmas Wish – Nov 22nd (11P.M), Nov 23rd (9 A.M), Nov 26th (7 P.M), Nov 27th (11 A.M)

An Old Fashioned Thanksgiving- Nov 23rd (1 AM)

An Old Fashioned Christmas- Nov 23rd (3 AM)

And much, much more- See this week’s full schedule here

Plus check-out Hallmark Movies & Mysteries full Christmas movie schedule this week here

Hallmark trivia

Quiz 3

1.) In the 2011 Hallmark Christmas movie “Holiday Engagement” when the female lead first met the actor she hired to play her fake fiancé for thanksgiving dinner with her family, what was he wearing?
a.) A Santa Claus Suit   b.) A Business suit    c.) A Cellphone Costume    d.) A Bus Boy Uniform

2.) In the 2006 Hallmark Christmas movie “The Christmas Card” who received a Christmas card from the female lead?
a.) Her boyfriend   b.) Santa    c.) a long lost family friend    d.) A Soldier

3.) In the 2007 Hallmark Christmas movie “All I Want for Christmas” what organization or company ran the “All I Want For Christmas” contest?
a.) A Mall    b.) A Toy Company    c.) A Community Center    d.) T.V Network

4.) In the 2012 Hallmark Christmas movie “Matchmaker Santa,” where did the female lead first meet Santa?
a.) On a plane    b.) Hitchhiking    c.) On a Bus   d.) In the Mall

5.) In an early scene of the Hallmark 2008 Christmas movie “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year,” what toy was Uncle Ralph (Henry Winkler) showing his cop friends at a cop bar ?”
a.) A Robot   b.) A Remote Control Car    c.) A Red Bike    d.) A Basketball

6.) In the 2013 Hallmark Christmas movie “The Christmas Ornament,” what kind of business did the female lead own in the beginning of the film?
a.)  a Bakery    b.) a Christmas Ornament Store    d.)  a Bike Shop    c.) a Book shop

7.) In the 2014 Hallmark Christmas movie “Christmas Under Wraps,” which state did the female lead take a job as the only doctor in a small town?
a.) Vermont    b.) Maine    c.) New Hampshire    d.) Alaska

8.) In the 2014 Hallmark Christmas movie “Nine Lives of Christmas” who portrayed the Fire Chief of the male lead’s fire station?
a.) Gregory Harrison    b.) Dean Cain    c.) Billy Ray Cyrus    d.)John Ratzenberger

9.) Which of the following Hallmark Christmas movies’ story line involved two lawyers, a missing dog, a rich injured old lady and a doorman’s borrowed coat?
a.) One Christmas Eve    b.) Baby’s First Christmas  c.) A Christmas Wish    d.) The Night Before the Night Before Christmas

10.) The actress who plays the female lead’s sister in the Hallmark 2012 Christmas movie “A Bride for Christmas” can also be seen in one of the following Christmas movies. Which one?
a.) Hitched for the Holidays    b.) Naughty or Nice    c.) Nine Lives of Christmas    d.) Help For the Holidays

Print Trivia           See Answers

movie thoughts


I’m Not Ready For Christmas

Premiered- Saturday, November 14th, Hallmark Channel

Starring- Alicia Witt, George Stults

Wow, could you imagine if you had lost your ability to lie or “bend the truth?” Not only that, but you couldn’t filter the words that came out of your mouth, and spoke whatever truths were in your head.

That would be a good thing at times, like telling a loved one how special they truly are or how much they mean to you, but not so great when you hurt someone’s feelings unnecessarily because of true thoughts better left unsaid.

Well, because of a wish her niece made to Santa, Holly (Alicia Witt), a self-absorb, truth bending career woman suddenly found herself unable to lie or filter the truths she shared with others.

Most of the time in this film that was a good thing, but sometimes it got her into trouble. Needless to say though, all’s well that ends well. Turns out, that wish made her a better person and led to a happier life than the one she was living before.

The film was fun to watch, it was funny and as usual Alicia Witt was fantastic in her role. She knows how to pick some great t.v movie storylines to play or maybe she is the one who makes a story line great.

George Stults didn’t do too bad himself. His acting was a bit stiff at times, but he has improved much since his “7th Heaven” days.

The lesson I take from this movie is that the truth definitely sets you free, but it is still a necessary feature to have the ability to filter what truths you share with others. Some truth are better left unsaid.

What did you think of this movie?

Bonus Question

In the Hallmark 2015 Christmas movie “I’m Not Ready For Christmas”  the male love interest (George Stults) was a….?

a.) 2nd Grade Music Teacher    b.) 1st Grade Music Teacher    c.) 3rd Grade Music Teacher    d.) 4th Grade Music Teacher

Be in the first four to comment the correct answer and win a free e-book copy of my Christmas poetry book “The Spirit of Christmas.”

Christmas Incorporated


Premiered- Sunday, November 15th, Hallmark Channel

Starring- Shenae Grimes-Beech, Steve Lund

It was a pleasant surprise how much I liked this Hallmark Christmas movie, in fact, I think I liked this one more than all the other 2015 Hallmark Christmas movies that I’ve seen so far.

This movie is a new twist to the regularly used Hallmark Christmas movie story line, where a big shot Executive or in this case CEO of a major corporation, visits a small town factory owned by their corporation in order to decide whether to shut it down or keep it open. Unfortunately, this factory provides livelihood to most of the town and shutting it down would affect a lot of people in a very negative way. This is actually one of my favorite often used Christmas movie story lines.

As usual the Executive falls in love with the town and the town’s people, and but mostly someone in the town, who probably works for the company. This time the Executive/CEO falls in love with someone he brought with him, and when he sees Christmas and the town through her eyes, he has a change of heart.

I love the way the story was told and how well the actors portrayed the characters in the story. Steve Lund was really sweet as the anti-Christmas, but still a nice guy, CEO.

I enjoyed Shenae Grimes-Beech very much as Riley Vance, a very smart, business savvy young woman who comes to work for the company. She really turned out to be something special in the unfolding story of this film.
I must say, this was fun for me to watch. What about you?


Bonus Question

In the Hallmark 2015 Christmas movie  “Christmas Incorporated,” which of the following was the name of the corporation that employed the female lead (Shenae Grimes-Beech) as a personal assistant?

a.) Mistletoe Inc.    b.) Young Inc.    c.) Candy Cane Inc.    d.) Christmas Inc.

Be in the first four to comment the correct answer and win a free e-book copy of my Christmas poetry book “The Spirit of Christmas.”

made for t.v stars

Made for Tv stars- Nov 21 Collage

“Merry Matrimony” – Christopher Russell – Catch a Christmas Star (Hallmark Channel-2013), Midnight Masquerade (Hallmark Channel-2014), En Vogue Christmas (Lifetime-2014), Love, Again (Hallmark Channel-2015) and more.

“12 Gifts of Christmas” – Katrina Law – Snow Bride (Hallmark Channel-2013) and more.

“Once Upon a Holiday”– Paul Campbell- Window Wonderland (Hallmark Channel-2013), Surprised By Love (Hallmark Channel-2015) and more.

“Crown for Christmas”– Danica Mckellar- Inspector Mom (T.V & Movie Series), Love at the Christmas Table (Lifetime-2012) and more.

“Murder She Baked: A Plum Pudding Mystery”– Cameron Mathison- The Carpenter’s Miracle (2013), The Christmas Ornament (Hallmark Channel-2013), Window Wonderland (Hallmark-2013), Holidaze (ABC Family-2013), My Gal Sunday (Hallmark Channel-2014), Along Came the Nanny (Hallmark Movies & Mysteries-2014), Murder She Baked (Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Movie Series) and more.

“Murder She Baked: A Plum Pudding Mystery”– Alison Sweeney- Second Chances (Hallmark Channel-2013), Love on the Air (Hallmark Channel-2015), Murder She Baked (Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Movie Series) and more.

“Northpole: Open For Christmas”– Bailee Madison- Pete’s Christmas (Hallmark-2013), Northpole (Hallmark Channel-2014), Good Witch (Hallmark Channel T.V Series) and more.

“Northpole: Open For Christmas”– Lori Loughlin- When Calls the Heart (Hallmark Channel Movie & T.V Series-2013), Garage Sale Mystery (Hallmark Channel Movie Series) and more.

Hallmark 5 Star

thechristmascardThe Christmas Card- Hallmark Channel- 2006

Starring- Ed Asner, John Newton, Alice Evans

This is by far one of my all-time favorite Hallmark Christmas movies. It was one of the first Hallmark Christmas movies I ever watched. Why I love it so much is because of everything it represents- family, kindness to strangers, building new friendships, finding family when you don’t have a family of your own, love, contentment, generosity, etc.

It starts off with the sweetest, kindest young woman writing a Christmas card to a soldier (one she doesn’t know) with the most loving, welcoming, encouraging words that could be put in a letter to a soldier at war.

The card describes her quaint town, her church and her family, and offers a welcome to that soldier, if he happens to be passing through that area at any time. Well, turns out a soldier from said town dies, leaving a fiancé behind.

So the recipient of this very special card, Sgt. Cody, takes leave to deliver something to the fiancé. He then visits this warm and friendly town, thus meeting the beautiful card writer, Faith, visiting the church, bonding with Faith’s father (a Veteran), and unexpectedly saving her father’s life.

The story continues with this soldier finding a new life, outside of war, finding a family and finding home, of course, stuff happened in between toward his journey to love and happiness.

For instance, Faith’s long distance “boyfriend” sweeps into town, gets jealous of the bond he sees developing between Faith and Cody, and he proposes (a typical Hallmark story line twist). Fate takes a stand however, and true love prevails between Faith and Sgt. Cody.

I love the spirit of this movie and the characters except “the boyfriend” (we’re not supposed to like him anyway). Honestly, I felt as though it truly represented the way God wants us to live our life, with kindness, generosity and love.

So if you haven’t watched this Christmas movie yet, and it sounds like your cup of hot cocoa, then you definitely should. If you watched it already, there’s nothing wrong with watching it again.

Available on Netflix and Amazon Instant Video
Or Hallmark Movies & Mysteries t.v schedule- Nov 21st (1 P.M)


Rate that Hallmark Movie

Here are my ratings for Hallmark’s 2015 Christmas movie line up as they premiere each week until Christmas, feel free to share yours too!

* – boring **- It’s Okay ***- Typical Hallmark Movie

****- Above Average Hallmark Movie ***** – Loved it!

1.) Christmas Incorporated- November 15th, 2015- * * * *

2.) I’m Not Ready For Christmas- November 14th, 2015 – * * * *

3.) Ice Sculpture Christmas-premiered November 7th, 2015 – * * * *

4.) Charming Christmas-premiered November 8th, 2015- * * *

5.) ‘Tis the Season for Love- Premiered November 1st, 2015- *


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