Last Minute Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

Awesome Last Minute Easter Egg Hunt

I know most of you probably have your Easter plans sorted out already, but just in case you are still in need of a good last minute Easter Egg Hunt idea. Here are two. Recommended for small family Easter Egg hunts (up to 6 kids) and not huge church events.

ultimate Easter egg hunt

So here is my idea. I have read alot of good non-candy Easter Egg filler ideas this season, well my idea is simply combining all these original ideas and including fun little love notes in the Easter eggs,  as well as Resurrection Eggs, reminding our kids how much God loves them. So in each egg you can have a little bit of this and a little bit of that. It’ll be fun because they will not know what they are going to get in each egg.

Supply Ideas:

Small toys
Toob Animals
Small fruit- grapes, berries, etc (wrapped in plastic wrap)
Small Crackers (wrapped in Plastic wrap)
Cheese Cubes (wrapped in plastic wrap)
A Little Bit of Candy
Resurrection Eggs
Love Note Cut-outs (click link below to download )

So here we have in the ultimate Easter Egg hunt- toy treats, a healthy snack, a little sweet treat, the story of Easter and love reminders. After the kids have collected their loot. Have them spread the eggs out on a table or floor. Have a plate and juice box ready so they can put their fruit, cheese cubes and crackers on the plate and have a snack. You can organize trades so each child can have a balanced amount of fruit, crackers and cheese. After snack time, discuss the Easter story using the Resurrection eggs. Then to end the Easter story discussion, let each child read their love notes. Organize trades, so each child that can read, gets to read a note. Say a prayer to thank Jesus for His ultimate sacrifice. Now the kids can eat their candy and play with their little toys.

Print this Idea & Love Note Cut-Outs

button art idea # 2

Here is another fun idea for artistic kids.


Supply Ideas:

Buttons all shapes, colors and sizes
Glue Dots
Foam Stickers
Small art supplies that will fit in egg

Evenly distribute all the art supplies among the Easter eggs. After the kids find their eggs. The Easter Egg Challenge will be to create a work of art that either represents Spring or Easter using only the buttons, sequins & stickers from their collected eggs. Have a work station ready with glue, glitter, markers & crayons. They can either come up with their own creations or use a coloring page to decorate with their supplies. Remember to assist the younger ones with their glue, glitter & glue dots. Let the children display their artwork somewhere special.

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Happy Easter