Fear is a powerful emotion, one that could kill us figuratively and literally. It is the biggest weapon Satan can form against us to destroy lives; our own and the lives of others.

I was already growing into an extremely fearful person, now as a parent and a wife my fear has drastically increased. Now I’m not only afraid of the bad things that can happen to me but to my husband and children as well; and believe me, I can imagine 1’000 or more ways bad things that could hurt them and then me.

Living in fear is a toxic disease, one that I with God’s direction could cure. I want my children to grow as well a glow and be all they were designed to be. I can’t raise them to be that way if I am controlled by fear.

Fear is a useless but vicious stronghold. The bible talks about fear numerous times and advices us to “fear not.” God knew that fear could be a man’s biggest downfall. It is a slow death of the spirit that drives us to shine.

I believe all children are born with that spirit burning inside them and we as parents slowly extinguish it. We send them out into the world with what’s left of it; and as time goes by, the world completely puts it out or covers it up with so much smut. It would take a lot of soul-searching to find it and get it burning again.

Fear could really set up shop in the midst of us trying to raise our beautiful; wonderful; optimistic; adventurous and bright children; and we allow it to make itself right at home.

We listen to negative self-talk whispered into our ears by an unseen force and we believe all that negativity. We believe we are sucky parents because we haven’t got it all figured out. We are afraid we are going to really screw-up our children. We are afraid to send them out into the world without us. We are afraid that we can’t protect them out there, we can’t even protect them in here. We have much to fear as people, let alone as parents.

That’s why we have to surrender these fears to the Lord and let him carry them for us. That’s why the bible says in Psalms 55:22, “Cast your cares on the LORD and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous fall.”

Fear is a stronghold I know very, very well; it is paralyzing; it keeps me from living at my very best. I am a woman full of dreams; talent and a potential for greatness (I believe we all start with that potential) but my spirit fire is partly extinguish. I know I have some changes to make, that are proving to be easier said than done. How I am going to combat my fear is another article in itself.

I know what I have to do. I just need the discipline to do it. I have to do it, not only for my own happiness and victory but for the happiness and success of my children; as well as for the lives they will change because they walk in victory.