“Naughty or Nice” – Hallmark Channel

Starring- Hilarie Burton, Matt Dallas, Michael Gross, Meredith Baxter

Premiered Date- November 24th, 2012


The lesson here is there are always two sides to every coin and we are more than the sum of our naughtiness.


naughty or niceThis is a lesson that takes Krissy Kringle a while to learn. Yes, that’s her real name; no, she is not related to Santa Claus.


It all started when Krissy was fired from her job without a proper explanation, though she thought she was about to get a promotion for a job well done. She tries to stand up to her boss, but doesn’t find the courage.


Krissy’s mom helps her get a job at a mall as a gift wrapping elf, where she meets someone who becomes a very good friend.


She lives on a street name Candy Cane Lane, which was renamed after she moved in. For this reason, she was sent Santa’s Naughty & Nice list by accident, being that Krissy Kringle could be mistaken for Kris Kringle and she often gets lots of Santa’s mail this time of year.


When Krissy opens this package and discovers what she has, she uses the book to obtain information on others and learns their naughty secrets. Krissy uses this information to her advantage against her new boss, who has been stealing petty cash that was meant to provide lunch and refreshments for employees, and a neighbor stealing Christmas decorations from other displays in order to win the community Holiday Lights competition.

She also learnt her friend Jill was the one who caused her to get fired and her boyfriend had a brief fling with her when they were broken up.


When Krissy exposes her neighbor, her neighbor makes preparations to move and this makes Krissy feel bad about the way she handled the whole thing.


When Krissy finds out her long time boyfriend of six years cheated on her or so she thought, she confronts him in front of his boss and peers, then later loses it with a kid on the job, this is recorded and the video is seen everywhere, even on the news.


With the help of her parents, Krissy realizes she has only been looking at the naughty side of the list and she flips the book around to show their nice side too.


She discovers her boyfriend is a very kind and generous man, who has never lied to her and only had brief relations with her former friend Jill, while they were broken up. She learns her neighbor donates to various charities anonymously and that there was a deeper reason she wanted to win the holiday display competition so badly.


Krissy also learns that her former boss, who she thought was an ice queen, host a Christmas party for underprivileged children every year, and that her former friend Jill is a mole working to sabotage the company.


Krissy garners the help of her former boyfriend (they’d broken up) who was a lawyer, to find proof, and with his help she manages to make things right, save her boss’s company and get her job back.


Did I tell you Krissy’s parents are played by Meredith Baxter and Michael Gross, who also played husband and wife and parents in the tv series Family Ties. I thought that was so cool.


In the end, Krissy’s boyfriend finally proposes to her and it snows. Oh, and Santa comes back for his list, turns out he knew she had it all along.