Love at the Thanksgiving Day Parade premiered Sunday, November 4, 2012 on Hallmark Channel. This is the second new Christmas movie to premiere this holiday season. It stars Autumn Reeser and Antonio Cupo.


The film is set in Chicago, as the city prepares to kick start its holiday season with it’s annual Thanksgiving day parade. Emily Jones, the parade’s quirky and passionate coordinator finds herself having to show Henry Williams, a wealthy new development consultant the ins and outs of the parade, after he is hired by the Mayor to analyze the books.


His job is to find out if the city hosting this parade every year is economical and ways in which they could cut cost. Emily however does not agree that they should change anything about the parade, because she believes that would take away it’s magic.


As well as planning this year’s Thanksgiving day parade, Emily is also awaiting a proposal from her longtime boyfriend who is a Marine biologists and whom she has not told that she is afraid of boats.


As Emily and Henry spent more time together and get know each other better, they start to realize that they are growing on each other.


When Emily is disappointed that her boyfriend was not going to propose after all, but ask her to go out to sea with him for two years, she breaks up with him.The night of the breakup, Emily happens to run into Henry, and he spends that evening cheering her up.


During the course of the movie you see Emily and Henry fall in love bit by bit.Henry, who does not have a place to call home, but spends his life traveling from hotel to hotel, sees the possibility of having someone to spend his nights with just sitting around watching movies.


I really enjoyed watching this movie, it is one of those kind of movies that you could watch over and over again and still enjoy. This will definitely become one of my favorites. The connection between the two love interests are very enjoyable to watch.


I loved to see when Henry smiled, as Emily would do something cute and quirky. I liked how the characters had a story, that was revealed throughout the movie and they were not just one dimensional characters. You also got to know how they became the people they are today.


So even though I’ve only seen two new Christmas movies so far this season, this one is my favorite of the two. I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I did.