Hallmark Weekly Quiz 1 Answers


1.) In the Hallmark 2006 Christmas movie “The Christmas Card,” the male romantic lead was a …..
Answer- c.) Soldier












2.) Which Hallmark Christmas movie Lacey Chabert did not star in….
Answer- b.) Christmas Under Wraps

lacey Chabert Collage









3.) Which Hallmark Christmas movie does this dialogue come from? “My Scarf is missing” “Are you sure you brought it with you?” “yes” “Then obviously God wanted someone else to have it”

Answer- c.) The Christmas Choir – A conversation between Peter Brockman (male lead-Jason Gedrick) and Sister Agatha (Rhea Perlman), a very straight-shooting nun.

Rhea Perlman

4.) Which female lead starred in the 2012 Hallmark Christmas movie “A Christmas Song?”
Answer-a.) Natasha Henstridge



5.) Which of the following Christmas movies are not a “Hallmark Hall of Fame” Christmas movie?
Answer- d.) Christmas in Canaan

List of Hallmark Hall of Fame movies.

6.) Which one of the following Hallmark Christmas movies did not feature someone related/family to the “real” Santa Claus?
Answer- a.) Farewell Mr. Kringle

7.) Which one of these Santa themed movies starred Kevin Sorbo?
Answer-b.) The Santa Suit

The Santa Suit Movie

8.) Which one of these movies story line entails a stormy night, a dying teenager, a pilot in a Santa suit, a lost pregnant woman and a grieving mother?
Answer-b.) The Christmas Heart

9.) Which one of these 2015 Hallmark Christmas movies star Candace Cameron Bure?
Answer- d.) A Christmas Detour (Christmas Under Wraps also star Candace Cameron Bure, but it is a 2014 Hallmark Christmas movie).


10.) Which other Hallmark movie from the following listed also starred Eric Mabius, other than those from the Signed, Sealed, Delivered movie series?
Answer-a.) How to Fall in Love (not a Christmas movie)


Hope you had fun with this little Hallmark Christmas Movie Trivia.

Stay tuned for next week’s Hallmark Christmas Movie Trivia Quiz 2.