On Saturday, November 10th 2012, Lifetime television network premiered its first Christmas movie of the season as a part of the “It’s a Wonderful Lifetime” marathon of holiday movies.

I must say I was highly entertained by “The Christmas Consultant,” which starred David Hasselhoff and Caroline Rhea. I don’t know what this says about David Hasselhoff’s acting career, but this was my favorite character he has ever portrayed to date, next to Michael Knight (Knight Rider) and Mitch Buchannon (Baywatch), yes, I liked Batwatch for most of its seasons. It even felt like he was channeling Jim Varney’s Ernest in “Ernest Saves Christmas,” with his enthusiastic tune of voice when rounding up the troops for Christmas festivities.


David Hasseloff plays a Christmas Consultant name Owen, hired by Caroline Rhea’s character and her husband to help with the organization of Christmas (shopping, decorating, baking, party planning, etc), after she is pushed into planning a huge Christmas Eve party by her boss to impress a potential new client.


Juggling working on a marketing proposal for her potential client and partaking in Christmas festivities planned by Owen; Maya (Rhea) becomes very stressed out by the holidays and finds that she is unable to enjoy spending time with her family.


This becomes even more difficult, when she sees Owen capturing the hearts of her children and being there for them in the way she would like to be.


I really liked that David’s character is not too cheesy, somehow the script and David’s acting manages to find a balance between cheesy and lovable. Even though it was blatantly obvious that Owen loves Christmas and that he is very good at his job, he does not carry it to the extreme point of total annoyance. You actually really get to love this character and kind of wish you had an Owen in your life not only to help you organize Christmas but to organize your life altogether.


At the Christmas party, which was going really well, Maya loses it and takes out her frustration on everyone but especially Owen, ending the scene with her standing over Owen, yelling to the top of her lungs “Your Fired!” and Owen heading through the door with a hurt look on his face. Then she is fired by her boss. Maya does not return to her senses or see what she has done until after it is all said and done. She feels remorse.


On Christmas day, Maya’s family offers her forgiveness and she sets out to make things right with Owen. Then she learns that Owen lost his wife and that he was alone and she invites him to be a part of their family.


All is well, that ends well. Maya gets her job back and everyone frolic to a Christmas song by the Christmas tree. It was very nice movie. I like. What about you?


P.S- I know everyone has their own opinion on this movie and on the flood of holiday movies, new and old, coming our way this Christmas, but for me, I love Christmas movies and I take them for what they are. Some are cheesy, some are romantic, some are funny, some are absolutely ridiculous and should never be watched more than once, but I love holiday movies, they make me feel good and there is nothing wrong with that.


New Christmas Movie Favorite Tally So Far:


1.)    The Wishing Tree (Hallmark)

2.)    The Christmas Consultant (Lifetime)

3.)    Love at the Thanksgiving Day Parade (Hallmark)

4.)    Christmas Song (Hallmark)


Premiering This Weekend:


November 17, 2012 (Saturday-8 P.M)


Matchmaker Santa (Hallmark Channel)

HolidayHigh   SchoolReunion(Lifetime)


November 18, 2012 (Sunday)


It’s Christmas, Carol (Hallmark) (8 P.M)

HolidaySpin (Lifetime) (9 P.M)