Well, even though it hasn’t fully started to feel like Spring where I live. I know its coming, a new beautiful awakening is coming. Change is coming to my life and beauty is coming all around. We’ll see God’s creatures flittering and running around, beautiful colors everywhere, flowers blossoming. I’m excited. So let me share a poem I wrote about Spring. I haven’t had much practice with nature poems, but I think its alright.

Thank You God For Spring


Dear God,

Thank you for winter

To cool and water the earth

To give animals and plants time to rest

Until spring’s rebirth

Dear God,

Thank you for Spring

Sunshine and Rain

When flowers, animals and plants

Join us again

Thank you God for spring

Cool beautiful days

After a long treacherous winter

I appreciate its beauty in so many ways

Thank you God for the bloom of new flowers

I could take in their aroma and essence for hours and hours

Thank you God for Earth’s healing powers

Thank you God for rainy days

I’d dance in the rain

And bask in sun’s rays

Thank you God for walks in the park between the trees

Thank you God for buzzing bees

Feeding on nectar, making honey

Scattering pollen, when days are sunny

God, let us remember the importance of these

What would our Earth be like without the presence of bees?

Thank you God for bright and sunny days

The bright floral colors of Spring

Thank you God for this wonderful seasonal blessing

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