Holiday High  School Reunion- Lifetime 

Starring- Rachel Boston, Jonathan Bennett, Marilu Henner, Harry Hamlin

Premiere Date- November 17th, 2012


This movie is about a twenty-eight year old aspiring fashion designer name Georgia whose life is not where she hoped it would be. When she receives an invitation to her High School Reunion and meets up with former cheerleader/glee club gal pals, she starts remembering her youth and the former football player flame that she once dumped, thinking if she can get him back that would turn her life around.


Also back in town is her high school best friend and guy pal Ben, and just like in high school Ben and Georgia click and it is obvious to anyone watching, who are really meant for each other in this film.


Also in this film, Georgia has a frenemy, who jumps at the chance to expose Georgia as a fraud, when she gives everyone the impression that she is a famous fashion designer, who only makes one-of -a -kind original designs for her clients. Never the less, no matter how bad the night turns out through embarrassments and mishaps for Georgia, Ben always comes in and saves the day and makes it better.


Still through the course of the night Ben is second fiddle to Craig (Georgia’s old flame) and their moments together are constantly interrupted when Craig pulls Georgia away.


There is a part in the movie that is funny in a silly sort of way, when Ben does the most embarrassing dance moves in order to take some of the flak off of Georgia when she sets out to prove she still got it by throwing down some cheerleader moves; pom-poms and everything.


However, my favorite part in the movie is when Ben and Georgia sing the most beautiful Christmas song in the music room, which I have never heard before. I searched everywhere but can not find any info on this song, but if it does exist, I know I want it in my collection and if it doesn’t exist, I think they should record it and sell it. I think it’ll sell. This song alone, for me made this movie worth watching.


I think it is a cute and sweet movie. Of course,Georgia comes to her senses and chooses the right guy and it’s a happy ending, duh! Just the way I like it.