“Holiday Spin” – Lifetime

Starring- Ralph Macchio, Karen Olivo, Garrett Clayton, Allie Bertram

Premiered Date- November 19th, 2012


This movie has a sad beginning, when Blake and his beautiful dance instructor mom, who lives in Charlotte,NC gets into a car accident on Thanksgiving Eve. Blake wakes to learn his mother is dead and meets his father for the first time; because Blake is only seventeen years old and can not legally live on his own, he is forced to move with his father in Miami until his 18th birthday.


Blake’s father Ruben, is a former Dance Champion, who owns a dance studio in Miami and he was never an active part of Blake’s life. When arriving in Miami, Blake meets Ruben’s beautiful fiancé Emily and dance protégé Pia.


Pia is set to represent Ruben’s dance studio a holiday dance competition called “Holiday Spin” with a grand prize of $50’000 that goes to the winning dance studio; Ruben’s studio needs the money.


Problems arise when Pia rejects her boyfriend/dance partner Rob’s sexual advances and she catches him cheating with a dance rival name Tezza. Now Pia has to look for a new dance partner, after breaking off the relationship.


Eventually, after no luck finding the dance partner who is right fit for Pia, Blake eventually admits that he can dance, as he dances with Pia for the first time in a dance-off against Rob and Tezza.


This dance-off is my favorite scene in this flick and brings back Dirty Dancing/ Patrick Swayze memories. On that note, did I mention that Blake looks a little like Zac Efron.


Anyway, Blake decides to partner up with Pia, and makes it known that he is doing it for her sake and not his father’s.  Unforeseen events pull Pia and Blake apart and on his birthday he decides to return home.


Then Blake watches a DVD his father made for him for his birthday which features old footage of Blake competing in dance competitions in his child hood and his father verbally rooting him in the background, this causes Blake to realize that his father did care about him all along and he decides to stay.


They win the competition and again, all is well that ends well, just the way I like it.