I saw this really fun idea on PinterestNo More Naked Barbies Tutorial about painting bathing suits on dolls, using nail polish. So I thought , I’d go ahead and try it.

Painted Doll

Here are the reasons why I’d do it again and again:

1.) My daughter’s dolls seem like they are always naked, no matter how many clothes I buy for them


These are the dresses I got them for Christmas (except one- Tiana’s dress). They came all the way from China.


2.) I don’t like seeing these naked dolls knocking around the place all the time

3.) Painting dolls are so much fun and really relaxing too

4.) Even when they are naked, they really aren’t, yeah!

At first, I was a little skeptical, because I thought the nail polish wasn’t going to hold up to play, but so far so good. It is holding up really well.

I thought since we are talking about dolls I’d share some other things I did with my daughter’s dolls. three birthdays ago, I ordered a doll cake pan and doll pick (upper part of doll with pick to stick in skirt shaped cake bottom). I ordered this from a seller on Amazon. When it arrived, the pan was just what I wanted, but looked what happen to the doll pick.

PrincessKytara 119
So I took one of my daughter’s dolls that had a beautiful face but crappy body, and switched her pretty face to the doll pick. Throw away the other one, of course. Her hair however looked awful, so I rolled it in a bun and added the butterfly accessory.

PrincessKytara 121
She has served us for two birthdays so far, two in a row for birthday 6 and 7. The first birthday her dress was lovely and I was very proud of myself, but the second birthday, her dress was a flop, literally, but my daughter didn’t noticed and loved it very much.

PrincessKytara 127

The frosting wasn’t turning out so great on this one no matter how hard I tried to make it better, but I loved the flowery sprinkles at the bottom.

Another thing I did to one of her dolls, was make a Paper Maché dress. I used a paper cup on her legs to help shape the flare at the bottom of the dress. Again, I did it because it was fun and it helped to give that dying doll new purpose, like in Robocop. Again, her hair was awful, so I put it in a bun. The wings are from a Rosetta Fairy (Disney Fairies) doll that went missing, with only her wings left behind. She may have been fairy-napped.

picpicpic 045

Last summer, for my daughter’s birthday. My husband and I created a huge Frozen (the movie) birthday cake, for her and her friend, using an Elsa & Anna doll. Her friend was spending the summer with us and her birthday was a few days before my daughters. She was turning 8 and her friend was turning 7. This cake took 3 days, using 10 boxed cakes and lots of frosting, which was not all consumed. This was the biggest cake project we ever attempted. We were proud of ourselves in the end.


Afterwords, we gave one doll to each girl.


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