Firecracker ToddlerHello Friends and Children of God,

Believe it or not, we have reached another Saturday. I truly can’t believe we are to the end of the week already. This week felt like it flew in a blur. I’m thankful however, I really took time this week to take in and appreciate these precious moments in time we have been given. As you know time is fleeting, it is a very valuable commodity.

To be surrounded by so much family love and togetherness is a blessing that I don’t take for granted. I feel sorry that so many people are out in the world not experiencing God’s love, peace, grace and mercy. I wish I could give it to them. Get them to understand that kind of love. I wish all of us could live in that love. The world would be so much more beautiful than it already is.

I remember watching my children in their many everyday doings this week. My 19 month old sitting at the kitchen table like a big boy spoon feeding himself, as well as running around with the bigger kids and speaking new words very clearly.

My older kids with their new Lego creations and doing their homeschool assignments. My 5 year old learning to read and write. My 8 year old washing the dishes and bottle feeding the baby. My littlest one (4 months) turning over for the first time and reaching out to grab things as best as his unsteady fingers could. I feel blessed and honored that God gave me these moments.

I was having a conversation with my wonderful dad (whom I also feel blessed to have as well) earlier this week and I was sharing with him, my many adventures with my firecracker toddler. Not complaining, just sharing how troublesome he is. Troublesome in the sense that he pulls at everything.

I know that is normal for a toddler, but comparing him to my last two toddlers, confirms what I already knew. Different children have different personalities. So though it is normal for all toddlers to be curious and troublesome, I’m telling you this kid keeps us all on our toes until he is sleeping, which we are down to only one nap a day now. He is my firecracker toddler, and I love him and am thankful for him.

So after sharing some of my son’s “Dennis the Menace: Toddler Edition” moments with my dad. He says to me in a playful way “I am just being a little facetious, but maybe he is the one that would make you rethink your plan,” meaning my plan/desire to have a big family (lots of kids).

I responded by saying (I’m very proud of myself), that actually he is the one that made me realize even more that I want to have more kids, because even in “Alvin and the Chipmunk” moments when the bigger kids yell “KEPHRAIM!!!!!!!!!!” because of something he did or something he troubled, that he wasn’t supposed to, I think “what a wonderful life.”

What a joy it is to watch my children grow everyday and to see their different personalities in play. I don’t know how God is going to work things out for me in the future, but he shaped who I am now out of who I use to be, and He is still shaping me.

So I’ll just sit back or stand up and enjoy the journey.

I’d love to hear about your experiences with your children, so please comment below if you like to share. Check out my new post this week.

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