Hallmark Weekly Quiz 2

1.) Who played the angel in the Hallmark 1999 Christmas movie “A Season for Miracles”
Answer- b.) Patty Duke

aseasonfor miracles

2.) In the Hallmark 2008 Christmas movie “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year,” what was the occupation of the female lead’s (Brooke Burns) fiancé?
Answer -a.) Jeweler  (As seen in the earlier scenes of the movie)

3.) In Christmas in Cartwrights (2014), what was the job of the female lead (Alicia Witt) for most of the movie?
Answer-a.) Santa Claus


4.) The female lead in the Hallmark t.v series “When Calls the Heart,” can also be found in which one of these Christmas movies?
Answer-d.) A Cookie Cutter Christmas (Erin Krakow)

Erin Krakow Collage

5.) Which one of the following Hallmark movies did Actress Sarah Lancaster from this year Hallmark Christmas movie premiere “Tis the Season For Love” did not appear?
Answer-a.) Let it Snow

sarah lancaster Collage

6.) In the Hallmark 2014 Christmas movie “One Starry Christmas” the female and male lead first meet ?
Answer- d.) On a bus

7.) In the 2012 Hallmark Christmas movie “Help For the Holidays” the female lead (Summer Glau) was….
Answer- a.) an elf

Summer Glau - Help For the Holidays -01

8.) In which one of the following Hallmark Christmas movies did the couple who played the parents of the female lead, also played a t.v couple in a 1980’s sitcom?
Answer- d.) Naughty or Nice (2012)- (Meredith Baxter and Michael Gross were also in the “Family Ties” television series)

Family Ties-Naughty and Nice Collage

9.) Someone in one of these Christmas movies wanted to deep fry a turkey, which movie was this?
Answer-a.) Holiday Engagement – (The female lead’s father wanted to deep fry the Thanksgiving turkey and failed miserably)

10.) In the Hallmark 2014 Christmas movie “A Cookie Cutter Christmas” what Christmas song did the two little girls sing in the first scene of the movie?
Answer- a.) Silent Night

Hope you had fun with this little Hallmark Christmas Movie Trivia.

Stay tuned for next week’s Hallmark Christmas Movie Trivia Quiz 3.