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Hello Friends and Children of God,

Welcome to the 7th edition of TGI Saturdays, a blog hop party where we come to celebrate life, to celebrate another week that God has given us. I know that weekends are usually a time that bloggers take to put blogging aside and spend with our family. That’s okay.

I created this party for those stolen moments on a Saturday morning, where you could share your favorite post (old or new); the fun post, the inspirational post, the thought provoking post, the any kind of family-friendly post. If you are not a blogger or you are a blogger, just looking for a boost of inspiration and fun, here’s the place to be.

So blessings to you this Saturday morning (or whatever today is when you are reading this post). I’m amazed how quickly Saturday comes back around week after week. I thank God for every new week He gives me to ride the roller-coaster of life.

I am very excited that soon and very soon Winter’s season will be coming to an end and Spring will be beginning. I’ve created a Spring Wishlist. My hope and dreams for the new season.

Spring Wish List3

I’m ready for some big changes this Spring. What are your Spring wishes. You can download your own wishlist  and write them down. There is nothing wrong with having wishes. Wishes are just another word for hopes & dreams, and our hopes and dreams come from God.

Spring Wish List 1

I found a cool freebie that teaches kids about St. Patrick (the saint not the holiday). I will be using this lesson with my kids. I am so glad I didn’t have to gather this information on my own.

St. Patrick Day Study

5 Things You Should Know About St. Patrick posted by K.M Logan from

Then there was this free Spring Fun Pack printable  posted by Misty from that is another wonderful find to give my kids to do as they get ready for Spring.


My Favorite Post I read this week

Though this is not a newly published post, I only read it this week, so it is new to me. I loved reading Remedial Blogging: So You Want To Be A Blogger from Christine at I love it because it gives a realistic look at the life of a “not-so-super-successful-(yet)” blogger (“unless you’re Kim Kardashian”), it also reflects where I am at in my blogging journey. It is cleverly written, funny and informative. It is definitely my most favorite post read in a long time.


The most popular post on TGI Saturdays

“How Could You Not Believe” from Speaking about the wonders of God’s creations.

My Top Four Favorite Post Linked-up with TGI Saturdays last week are:


I love getting to know “The Heart of San Francisco: Union Square Plaza” with Weseland from Adventures in Weseland.

Hearing the joy of motherhood in “Oh, you just wait…” – What Those Veteran Moms Wont Tell You” from Stephanie of

Reflecting on how we are divinely lead by God in “Divine Appointments” with Andrea from

Being reminded to “Follow God’s Plan, Not My Own,” despite how impatient we may feel at times for our heart’s desires to be fulfilled, posted by .

I truly loved having the opportunity to read these great post.


I loved the mommy tips Jenny from shared in “12 Things I Wish I’d Known As A New Mom.”

Truly I found the links shared last week to be unique, fun, very interesting and thought provoking. I am thankful you guys came and I’m glad you are here again. I am also very thankful for those of you visiting for the first time. If you have a blog feel free to link up. If you don’t have a blog, please enjoy all the good content shared here.

Before we get this party started, I’d like to offer you a gift of three fun five minute word searches to enjoy in your stolen moments (time you steal for yourself). It is all absolutely free.

Now Let’s Party

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