My daughter turned 6 years old on 24th August. I wanted to make her a special birthday cake, so I got the idea of making her a standing doll cake. I remember those type of cakes from seeing my great grandmother make them when I was small. I remember she made me one for one of my birthdays. I bought the kit second hand like new from When it came my way, all the stuff looked great  except the doll pick. When I touched her hair it immediently fell out, piece by piece the hair kept coming out until there was no more.

This was on 22nd August, so I wasn’t going to send it back. At first I thought i’d go to the art store and get a new doll pick, but then it occured to me that my daughter had a doll without a head and a head without a doll, reason being the neck was broken and the head could not stay on anymore. So I found that head and replaced the hairless doll head with that one. And a bonus, the new doll head was so much prettier.

On the day before my daughter’s birthday I went to the art store and got some supplies to decorate the cake. We got up early the next morning and got to work frosting the cake. It was a challenge at first but we accomplished it and it came out beautiful . I couldn’t stop taking pictures.