I know I wasn’t going to do a birthday party this year, so I had other ideas. Some of the ideas were  Build-a-Bear workshop, Chuck E.Cheese or the Eric Carle musuem. Turns out we weren’t able to any of these things. So I changed my plans to either going to the movies to see “Brave” or to the zoo, since the playground is the best i’ve seen of any other playground. We didn’t get to do those things either. God has been laughing at all my plans this year.

So this is how the day really happened. It was a simple day. We started out with a special breakfast; bacon, eggs and toast with melted cheese in the shape of hearts and sprinkled with cinnamon sugar. She opened her presents which she was happy to receive. Later we went for ice cream and came home and cut the cake.

Her birthday gifts were a scrapbook (her 1st), a Tangled scrapbook set (poster, stickers, pencil case, a marabou pen and more), an art set (pencil crayons, paints, etc), 5 different sticker books, two princess reading books and other little things.

I also got graham crackers, marshmallows and chocolate so we can do some s’mores. My daughter loved them; my son didn’t like them for some reason. They are nice but really too sweet for me to eat too much of them.

The day was quite simple, we enjoyed each other’s company as a family and according to her it was the best birthday ever.

A Special Birthday Breakfast