Here are some pics below of some of our creative creations this summer.


My husband and I whipped together this birthday cake for our wonderful friend whose birthday was on the 4th July. It took four boxed cakes and three containers of frosting. I decorated the top.

Below is an experiment. It was an idea I had. My first paper mache project.

I made a paper mache dress for one my daughter’s dolls and painted it. Later on I found a pair of wings from one of her other dolls and I glued it on the back. Now I have my own art creation of a fairy.

Below are pictures of a packet of sunflowers seeds a penpal from Japan sent me and my first sprout. Unfortunately I failed at my first attempt at growing sunflowers. I tried growing them in a plant pot inside my apartment, because I really didn’t have anywhere else to plant them, but there was just not enough sunlight and I may have drowned them with too much water. I won’t give up though, i’ll try planting my sunflowers again next year and in Spring. I hope to have a garden someday, my daughter absolutely loves flowers. My favorite flowers are Sunflowers.


Below are pictures of things I made for my penpals.

Here is a Recipe collecting book I made, where she could send it around to other penpals like how we do FB’s (friendship books) and let them add a new recipe. I haven’t got a letter from her as yet, but I hope she likes it and have some fun with it.

And here is my first try at envelope art. At first I tried drawing something but it didn’t look so good, so I tried painting instead. What do you think?