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Happy beautiful Sunday (or whatever today is), we have been blessed with almost completing three months out of the year already. We’ve had New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King Jr Day, Valentine’s Day, Black History Month, President’s Day, Chinese New Year, St.Patrick’s Day and lots of other celebrations. Now today is Palm Sunday, April 3rd is Good Friday, April 5th & 6th are Easter Sunday and Monday. I can’t believe it.

I wish I had done more to talk about Jesus and resurrection, in preparation for this time but it just wasn’t in the blogging cards for me this year. This week I don’t have much to Show ‘n’ Tell that is interesting enough to share from what I did, saw or experienced. I did bake a really easy, no-knead bread recipe. It was awesome!

I thought, since this week’s adventures were minimum, I’d share something from the past. Yesterday, I was doing a bit of decluttering of one of my drawers in the office that my toddler would not stop opening and taking out important stuff. So I emptied the drawer, threw away the junk, put up the important stuff and replaced the things in it with a bunch of toys. Bet you, he’ll leave that drawer alone now.

So I found this list in the drawer on a piece of paper entitled “Dreams/Somedays.” I write down a list like that every so often in my journals. They are often very similar. As i’m getting ready to transition to another season of growth in my life. It is good to reflect on what stage God is at in opening doors for these dreams to come true.


Here’s My List:

• Be a part of a really strong women’s fellowship
• To have fantastic women friends
• To have a book club
• AskLatisha to be a successful brand/blog
• To earn money doing things I love
• To travel all over the world with my family
• To publish photo travel books
• To go to many Broadway shows
• To be a confident, faithful, strong, wise woman
• To be a renowned writer
• To write teaching, encouraging inspirational and children’s books
• To work in ministry
• To be an excellent mom & wife
• To be a Proverbs 31 Woman
• To have strength of mind
• To be extremely happy
• To paint
• To lose weight/get in shape
• To dance everyday
• To smile and laugh every day
• To do art often
• To raise my children to be awesome
• To live awesome
• To love God and know God

This list was probably written in 2013. Then I looked in my most recent journal and found one written in 2014.

The Life I dream of:
• To have a deep, strong relationship with God
• To be a Proverbs 31 Woman-wise, courageous, strong, frugal, discipline, efficient, build up my household
• To have lots of like-minded friends-friends who are positive people, family-oriented, God-fearing, Kind, optimistic, etc.
• To spend time with like-minded women
• To be an excellent mother- take good care of my children’s souls, body and mind
• To have lot of children by birth and adoption
• To use my gifts to glorify God and teach others how to live life to the fullest-books, magazines, online, greeting cards, etc.
• To have my own ministry someday
• To live in a big house with lots of land (thinking Farm)
• To travel the world
• To be happy

Do you see the similarities? So how am I doing? I think I still have a long way to go, but I do feel I am on the right path that is leading to these roads.

I always believed that the dreams that burn in your soul and stays the same year after year, no matter where you go or how you grow they come from God, and if they come from God then he is going to provide the resources and open the doors for us to get there.

We just have to wait on him. That’s the hardest part. We can’t do what Sarah did and start to think because we are waiting so long, that God forgot his promise, and do our own things to make His promise come true. That only leads to trouble and it creates a longer path and time to get you back to the path God wanted you on.

Here is a picture of a Dream Board I create about 4-5 years ago.

Dream Board

Would love to hear about your dreams?

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