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Happy Saturday (or what ever today is). So yes, moving day was last week Thursday and we have officially enjoyed a week in our new home. This has been quite a busy week for our family. Even with getting rid of so much stuff, we still own quite alot and yet still not as much as other people. I pray as I continue to grow, that I will continue to learn what to keep and what not to keep, because I’m sure that we still kept more than we needed to.

Anyhow, making the place truly feel like home will take some time, but we are thankful for the blessing God has placed in our lives with our new home and location. Thank you all for your prayers, who have followed along with me on this journey and for anyone who have just discovered AskLatisha and would be interested in reading my journey toward this new season, please check out my blog series “Transitions: Waiting for a Season of Change.”

I would like to apologize for not being a very engaged blogger this week, but you know why. I would also like to share with you my “Moving Day Journey and Thoughts” really soon. I wish you a very blessed weekend. Check out the latest at AskLatisha, my favorite post read this week and so much more. I hope you enjoy this awesome weekend party.

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Check out this weekly blog series at Snippets of Inspiration called “Roll Out the Red Carpet Thursday.” This series stemmed from the question “Are You a Kind Blogger?” and was inspired by our very own TGI Saturdays blog hop. I really appreciate the idea of being a kind blogger and I always strive to be one. So if you are wondering what a kind blogger is, if you are one or how can you be one, check out these post.


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10 Parenting Styles You Should Be Aware Of – This is actually a 2014 article I found on momjunction.com, but the information is so good, I just had to share. What is your parenting style?

No One Told Me THIS Was A Choking Hazard! from pintsizedtreasures.com– this post is very eye-opening and informative, I felt it my duty to share with other parents. Give us something to think about.

The Hope in Homesteading, Part 1: Why We Do It from gnowfglins.com – This is another 2014 post, but it drew my attention, because I believe that homesteading is the lifestyle God is leading my family towards. How he is going to transform a woman like me into a woman like that. Only God could make a change like that.

Health Benefits of Water: What Every Mom Needs to Know from goodbyebosshellokids.com – I always knew water was awesome. I love water and have a great appreciation for this wonderful resource God has given us, I even wrote a poem about it, so sharing this article about this natural treasure is a absolute thrill for me.

The Best Thing for your Feet! 6 Essentials for a Fabulous Foot Bath– I saw this post on pinterest and I clicked on it, because the title caught my attention, I didn’t even realize this is a post from one of my favorite blogs Snippets of Inspiration. Even though this is a 2013 post, it is still a very informative post about treating your feet well. My feet are in desperate need of TLC and I will use what I learn here to give my feet the love they need and deserve.

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Freedom From My Fears – A Mother’s Journey – guest post on amamasstory.com – The fears and what-if thinking mentioned in this post are things I could absolutely without a doubt relate to but I am learning to put my trust in God and enjoy the gift of motherhood, just like the author (Jenny Lee)


TGI Sat #16 Favs

How to Respond to Persecution by Donna Reidland at donnareidland.com– That is a question that I often think about. How will I handle persecution. Which is a guarantee, you will have to deal with living a Christian life in this sinful world. I pray God gives me the strength and wisdom in how I respond.

Battle Worn Boots by Betty Draper from betty-wiseheartedwomen.blogspot.com– Christians are in a daily battle whether we realize it or not. Sometimes, we get so comfortable where we are, we hide away from the war zone and let our brothers and sisters fall, without even trying to help them. I wrote a poem called “Strong Soldier” which talks about me wanting to be a strong soldier God can use and not hide away from the battle.

My Selfie by Sharon from sharonsharinggod.blogspot.com– I get alot of what was said in this post and am in agreement. We as people have to be careful not to get too caught up in our SELVES and forget to set our minds on Christ.

Surrendering Our Fertility to the Lord: Cheryl’s Story by Cheryl Long at madetomother.com– Really this is an internal conversation I have been having with God lately and I really appreciate hearing someone else’s story on the topic.



Summer Time and the Living is Easy – Ice Cream Cake !!!!   from Rebecca at maryandmarthashouse.com – This easy ice cream, makes me think of summer and it makes my mouth water. I am definitely trying this for summer.

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