Saturday, June 4th, 2016

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Hope all is well? Blessings to you and welcome to another week of TGI Saturdays. Did you have a good week? How’s your Spring going so far? Well, it is coming to the time of year when we start thinking summer. Summer is just around the corner, yeah! I’m hoping for lots of summer adventures this year.

Anyway, this post you are reading is actually a post I wrote on a rainy February day. Though it has only just been published. It is a pre-scheduled post, which I prepared early this year, as I take a Blogging Maternity Break. At this time (now), I should be in newborn baby mode, as I should have a new little one at home, hopefully healthy and thriving, that’s about 2 months old.

I’m currently (as I write this post) counting down to his or her arrival. In the meanwhile, I’m still checking in to read your comments. So don’t hesitate to drop me a line via my comment box.

Today, I’d like to welcome one of my favorite bloggers, Rebecca from Mary and Martha’s House, who writes alot of fun, inspirational, encouraging, thought-provoking and enlightening stuff on her blog. You should really check it out if you haven’t already.

Rebecca, shared one of her previous summer post with us today called “Have a Dollar Store Summer.” Enjoy.


Peace, Love and Blessings to you.

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Christmas Seperation

A Dollar Store Summer

dollar_treeSummer time is a great time for kids and is looked forward to all year. But maybe not such a great time for parents. Are you dreading that first “Mom, I’m bored” that usually comes way before we, as parents, are ready to hear it.

So, how can parents keep kids entertained, active and out of trouble for an entire summer? And most of us aren’t rolling in money so how can we keep the cost of summer fun to a reasonable level? It might be challenging but with a little planning ahead you might be in for the best summer ever !!!

Ta – Da.  Enter the Dollar Store !!!!!  Most communities have some type of Dollar Store and it can be a life saver for families that are trying to provide fun but not break the bank. So lets go shopping !!!!! I’ve listed 5 items that you will want to pick up to give you all the summer fun you will need. (I have no connection with any Dollar Stores – just a happy shopper there.)

Balloons- Playing water balloon fights, baseball with balloons and pool noodles or water pinata, making balloon bowls, or even spicing up a pair of flip-flops.

Sidewalk Chalk- Playing a game of Twister, Checkers or Simon Says

Tinfoil- Try foil rubbings, make foil rivers or lakes, silly foil hats or foil animals.

Dollar Store Summer Collage

Bug Net and Bug Kit – Dollar Tree has the neatest kit for catching bugs. And what kid doesn’t like bugs !!!!! It has a cool bug bucket that comes with a net, tweezers, and a built-in magnifying glass. Pick up a bug net there too and be all ready to see how many insects your kids can collect.bug kit WB #2

Paper-plate-ring-toss-WBPaper Products – Paper plates, cups, and even cupcake papers are great craft starters. Give your kids some markers and let their imagination go crazy. Here are a few ideas to start. Make a paper plate ring toss. Have a contest before hand to see who can make the most colorful paper ring to toss. Your plates could also be decorated with streamers for more “pizzazz.” See who can build the tallest cup tower. Again, see who can make the silliest or prettiest hat from paper plates. Dig out all the extra craft items and let the kids “jazz” them up. Have a fashion show with the hats.



Mary and Martha’s House

community question

Do you have any other Dollar Store Summer ideas?

A Dollar Store Summer Banner

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