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Hi friends,

Blessings and happy Saturday to you. Hope all is well and you had a very blessed week. Here’s to wishing you another weekend filled with love, joy, laughter and happy memories.

Thanks for sharing about your summer birthdays last week. Here’s also to wishing you fabulous family & friends summer birthdays from beginning to end.

A couple of weeks ago, my mom sent me a text to tell me that my grandfather (her father) had passed way. The weird thing is, I thought he was already dead and was surprised by the news. His death meant nothing to me, because his life didn’t. I did not love him, like him or hate him. I simply did not know him. I may have only seen him once or twice when I was very little. His face is a faded memory.

Not knowing what my mom, who did not have a good relationship with him either, wanted me to say. I replied “….because of his choice to not have you in his life and being your father. He was never my grandfather. So his death means nothing to me. He died and missed out on the relationships he could have had.”

My father and I have a good relationship. It’s not the best father-daughter relationship, nor is it the worst. It is a relationship good enough to carry happy, loving memories into the next life. Enough to feel a lost if he was no longer a part of my life. Though, it is my hope that as years go by, our bond would grow stronger. That may not happen, because our season for bonding in that way may have passed. At this juncture in my life those kinds of bonds are being forged with my husband and children.

My father and mother divorced and went their separate ways from since I was six years old. My dad remarried and had two other children not too long after that. He also worked a 7 days a week job (still does). So during the season when a daughter truly needs her father. He was barely there. However, when he was able to be there, he made those moments count and truly I say to you, I remember those few times with very fond forever memories.

Dads are important. There is no denying that. I thank God for the husband and father He has provided me. I’m talking about my husband. In some ways he reminds me alot of my dad.

My husband and I are best friends. Our lives are one. We work together to take care of our children and our home. My children know their father, not for brief moments here and there, but as a constant part of their daily lives. I know not all fathers are able to do that, but truly I say- they can make whatever time they have with their children count. They can show them love and kindness. They can talk to them and listen to them. They can pray with them and for them. They can guide and advice them. They can do things with them and make them laugh or even simply smile.

Fathers can let their daughters know how special they are, and who they are in the Lord. That they are truly and deeply loved, and God has an army of angels guarding his princesses.

Sons learn to be men of honor from watching and emulating their fathers.  A girl learns how to choose a man who will respect her, cherish her and treat her well by watching the way her father treats her and the other women in his life.

I sometimes think of how different the choices I made in regards to boys would be, had the relationships I had with my parents been different.

Is it important the kind of man a woman chooses to father her children? Is it important that they work together? Are fathers important? What do you think?

One movie I recommend that all fathers who desire to be more than an average father, who not only wants to provide their children’s physical needs but care for their minds and souls as well is “Courageous.” The best Father’s day movie I’ve ever seen.


My Father’s day  weekend was wonderful. I hope yours was too. We went grocery shopping on Friday, yard and garden work on Saturday, a father’s day breakfast, a date day with my husband and cake baking on Sunday, and a third birthday celebration on Monday. I’ve got pics, come check them out in this week’s “Sunday Show ‘n’ Tell.” I’ve also written a really nice post about “My Birth Stories- Baby One – Six.” Don’t worry it isn’t as long a post as you think.


Peace, Love and Blessings to you.

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