Hey Friends,

Blessings to you. Hope you’re doing well as you read today’s TGI Saturday and I hope you have been enjoying your summer.  I hope you are enjoying it now as it is winding down and school will soon resume, teachers and school staff return to work. Fall will soon be here and summer garden time is soon coming to an end. This our 80th blog hop. That’s a wonderful achievement.

Today it is very humid, dark, gloomy and a bit muggy outside. Not my favorite type of ordinary day. It’s August, my favorite month of the year. The month my daughter and I, and lots of other really cool people where born. This year my daughter will be celebrating a milestone birthday. She will officially enter the double digits (10) on August 24th. I will be celebrating 34 years of life on August 28th. In honor of my birth month, I published a post called “34 Things you may want to know about August.” It’s a really fascinating post.

In preparing that post, I learned that August 7th, 2016 (first Sunday of August) was Friendship Day. I thought that to be really cool, since on that very day I visited a church for the first time, right here in my community (a hideaway church), and it seems so perfect (for lack of better words) for my big family. There is a class in place for every child and so much more that seems really awesome. So I’m hopeful, of what my family can gain from as well as give to this church family. I am hopeful of us forging new friendships and fellowship with other believers. Don’t have very much friends or family in my life at the moment.

I wrote a post last week called “Sunflower Days,” which talked about really sunshiny happy days (my favorite kind of ordinary days) and about how I would like to be like a sunflower, a flower that stands tall and strong and always looks towards the sun (Son). Today as I write to you, I’m congested with feelings and thoughts that hinder my ability to write my usual positive post. I lost my smile for the moment and my emotions feel dark and gloomy like it is outside right now.

Don’t get me wrong, my life is 70 % great and very blessed, but the 30 % bothers me (worries me). I don’t know what am I suppose to do about it. How do I make it better? Am I suppose to do anything or is it going to work itself out? I really don’t know. I’m at a lost.

I want to share a little fear I have with you, so that when I see the outcome, I’ll have a testimony to share. I decided I was going to have a birthday party for my daughter this year. I’m not a fan of birthday parties, but I wanted to do this for her for various reasons. Now, I am afraid that none of the people I invited will come. I’m afraid, I’ll invest in a birthday party and no one’s going to come. Is it a rational or irrational fear, I don’t know, but what do I do? For you to understand where that fear came from, I’ll have to give you the bigger picture. I’ll share that next week.

Anyway, enough rambling. As always I’ll appreciate your prayers. Some days, I feel like I need them more than others. Today is one of those days. Thank you for being a “friend.”


Peace, Love and Blessings to you.

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