Yesterday was officially the final day of summer for 2008. I couldn’t ask for a better ending. This had to be one of the best days I have had in a very long time and not necessarily because of the grandeur of what I did or who I was with, so much as it was because a heavy weight felt lifted and it’s up to me to keep it off.

So what happened, you wonder. Well, it was a friend of mine’s birthday. She turned 27 years old. In the morning of her big day, she came downstairs to my apartment (she lives above me) for the birthday breakfast I made her. It was scramble eggs, plantain, bacon and a banana and grapes on the side. She loved it. Then we went to the 12:30 service at her church. I was very excited about that because I have not been to church in a year and I was really missing it. The message was about “Taking Possession” of the gifts God gives you and it really spoke to my heart. We read Joshua 1:6. It goes like this: “Be strong and courageous, because you will lead these people to inherit the land I swore to their forefathers to give them.

Here a list of some of the points I jotted down:

  1.  Today is the day you can begin again, yesterday is gone
  2. When you fall, get back up again
  3. God is a dream giver, a dream releaser, a promise giver, gift-giver, take possession
  4. God wants you to keep moving forward (then he drew reference to the Disney movie Meet the Robinsons)
  5. Before you can receive God’s prophetic promise; you have to change your identity; speak a faith language, be obedient, be a servant
  6. God is a God of process and progression
  7. When you are faithful over little God will make you ruler over much
  8. If you want to Thank me (God), live your life, do what I called you to do
  9. Think big, dream big, expect the supernatural, expect great things

And there you have it, the preacher spoke my language and I understood.

After church, we had lunch at a Cantonese/Polynesian restaurant called Cathay Pacific. I had fun, even though I did not fully enjoy the food or service. I am not a huge fan of Asian cuisine.

After dinner at the restaurant we went to a bowling alley, my second bowling experience ever. The first one did not go to well for me, I was so tense and scared (anxiety) that I did not play very well at all but I made up for it last night. I relaxed, I let loose, I did a victory dance, I smile, I laughed, I sang, I posed for pictures, I knocked down some pins every once in a while and I got two strikes (can you believe it). I was so happy and I want to retain that feeling, I want to be in that place every day of my life, every moment, no matter what’s going on around me. That’s what I am shooting for. So what a day, what a day, what a wonderful day. May God grant you and me many, many, many more with the people we love.

Here is my wonderful poem I wrote for my friend’s birthday and a wish for you my readers and potential friends:

A Birthday Poem

To a very special person

On a very special day

May God bless you, protect you and guide you

I pray

May all your dreams be realized

May the desires of your heart be fulfilled

May you always know love, joy, happiness, success

May those things be God’s will

May you reach for the stars

May you spread your wings and soar

May you fly so very high

Forever more

May your nights be filled with sweet dreams

And your days, with lots of laughter

May you always be surrounded by great people

May you live happily ever after

May you live a life that’s full and true

Lots of adventures, good times, happiness, music, song, dance, art,

Good food, good fun, good friends, good books, good conversation,

Learning new things, travel, love, joy, happiness, goodness, blessings, success

The best this life has to offer

The greatest gifts God has in store

Look through every open window, walk through every door

Open your heart, open your mind

Let love and life in

Face your fears, stand up tall

Use your BIG VOICE

Let them all hear you when you call

Whatever you need to make it through is already right there inside you

Keep moving forward

Don’t quit

Keep stepping up

Keep on keeping on

You can do it

You are strong, confident, intelligent,

You are a woman of the world and a child of the Most High


Have a good one. Love wanna bad (Bajan Language).