Right now my daughter is in our living room watching a Sesame Street DVD, and singing and dancing along with Oscar the Grouch to the song “I love Trash;” and I am smiling on the inside of my soul. My inner song goes like “I love God…., oh, I love life …., oh, I love my children…., oh, I love my family…., oh, I love my friends and did I mention I love life too.”

If you want to take in the magnificence of the world our divine Lord has created, watch the “Life” miniseries on Sundays, on Discovery and most other learning channels, its amazing stuff. God is the greatest artist above all great artist. This world, you, me, us, we are his masterpiece. I’d give all I am to be at least 1% the artist he is, and paint a colorful, joyful, fulfilled life for myself and my loved ones.

 I started this year with one mission in mind. My mission is to become a better me at the end of this year, than I was in the beginning. Actually, that is my all time life mission, to grow, keep moving and changing, and to get better, healthier; sexier; smarter; wiser; more blessed; gifted, and talented with every new breath. I want to take in the moments, to feel love and be loved, to be kind and receive kindness; to give of myself via service, encouragement and my abilities. I want to dance and sing all the days of my life, and I want to teach my children to be the same.

I’ll bet for some of you who are taking the time out of your busy schedule to read this article, probably think that sounds like a fairytale. Not according God’s word. In Jeremiah 29:11, a very popularly quoted bible verse, God declares His plans for our life. If we read on, he tells us how to get it. Seek Him with all your heart and He will prosper you. I haven’t a single doubt about it that everything in my life is working for my own good; to help shape and develop me into the “me” version of the “Proverbs 31” woman. So I’m going for it. I am absorbing every moment like it is my last. I am  going to spend quality time with my kids while they still want me too, I’m going to enjoy my marriage, I’m going use my time wisely here on this earth and live everyday like it is an amazing adventure. What are you going to do?