26 Candles, 26 Wishes (In Alphabetical order)

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26 Candles, 26 Wishes (In Alphabetical order)

What I receive for my birthday or any other day of my life won’t decide whether I have a good day or not, I decide that. I am blessed because I have people who love me and God loves me; so on my birthday, today, tomorrow and the days in between I already have received the best gift any one can have. So having said all that here are some of my deep wishes in case anyone was looking for the ideal gift to give me for my birthday. If all you can do is give me a hug and say the word; that’s good enough for me too; but there is nothing wrong with wishing. Love yah!

1. Original handmade or drawn Artwork from friends or otherwise created specifically for me

2. A silver or gold Bracelet with my name on it

3. To see my first Broadway Show, actually to see many. Here are some of the shows I would love to see first: “The Little Mermaid,” “Mary Poppins,” “The Lion King,” “Finding Nemo,” “The Phantom of the Opera.”

4. Protection, Blessings and Guidance from the Heavenly Father for family, friends and myself

5. An updated Camera

6. Free Cinema passes for every weekend for the rest of the year

7. Extreme Confidence

8. A silver or gold Chain with a butterfly pendant

9. Furniture, Appliances, Candles, Accessories for my new apartment (September)

10. A bouquet of Flowers

11. To build awesome Friendships with wonderful people

12. Home made or local (in other languages with hand- written translation by sender) Greeting cards from all over the world including here(Where I am). (www.postcrossing.com)

13. An Indoor Exercise Bicycle

14. An Ice cream cake (my first)

15. An IPOD
16. Jordin Sparks album

17. An Outdoor Bicycle (my first)

18. For One Hundred people to buy a copy of my first book “Words of a Poetriot” (www.wordsofapoetriot.com )

19. Perfume (Live by J.Lo)

20. Original handwritten poems from friends or otherwise

21. The release of my inner spirit from her prison and be the woman I am meant to be

22. Scene-it board games: Disney 2nd Edition, Movie 2nd Edition, T.V

23. Tyler Perry’s The Plays

24. For my Dad, Mom and siblings to come visit me and my family from the Caribbean

25. Wii Fit

26. A personal Yoga Instructor who’d come to my home (paid in full for the next 3 months)

Plus A spectacular birthday and many, many, many more

Happy, Happy Birthday to me.

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