Thanks for stopping by. Guess What? It’s my birthday month and I’m celebrating with a series of 33 themed post. Why, because God would have blessed me with 33 years on this earth on the 28th of this month (August). I have alot to be thankful for and I praise God for every new day, moment, experience, accomplishment I am given. Below is a list of 33 wonderful things that make me smile and thank God I am alive. What are some of your things?

33 Reasons I Smile


1.) Sunshine – It feels good on your skin and it energizes you. We need sunshine to live.


2.) Water (in all its forms)- I love to feel water on my skin, see it with my eyes, hear it with my ears, smell it with my nose and taste it with my tongue. Water is my most favorite natural resource from God.


3.) Trees – Trees keep us cool, provide so much for all living creatures, they are beautiful and tell stories.


4.) Birds (of all kinds)- I love to hear them sing and see them.


5.) Butterflies – They are so pretty



6.) Writing a good poem- It gives me a proud sense of accomplishment. It expresses my soul.


7.) My children’s smiles- Each one my children have beautiful smiles of their own.

Children's Smiles

8.) Clouds – To look up at the clouds, reminds me of the Heavenly Father watching over us.

White Clouds in Blue Sky ca. 1996

9.) Stars- They are so wondrous to look at at night


10.) Going for a drive- I love to look out my car window and feel the wind on my face


11.) The beach- I love going in the sea (not too far out), hearing the sounds of the ocean touching the shore.

Beautiful beach and sea

12.) Delicious Cuisine- I love eating delicious meals and trying new foods.


13.) Music- music makes me happy


14.) Dancing- I love watching dance routines, but I don’t dance


15.) Snow globes- I like to collect them

snow globes

16.) Wind- I love to see a gentle breeze swaying through the trees. I love to feel wind blowing through my hair.


17.) Taking pictures- I love capturing memories and beauty with my camera


18.) An awesome blog post- It makes me feel very proud


19.) Flowers- Are beautiful and colorful. My favorites are sunflowers.


20.) Autumn Colors- They mesmerize me


21.) Spring Colors- They make me feel renewed


22.) Beautifully Decorated Christmas Trees

christmas tree

23.) Christmas Movies

white christmas


24.) Christmas Music


25.) Fish Ponds -Are so gorgeous


26.) Koi Fish-my most favorite fish


27.) Reading a fascinating book


28.) Having an engaging conversation with someone


29.) A fun and/or interesting movie


30.) Giving great gifts


31.) Being given a gift


32.) Me time


33.) Happy birthdays


Wish # 33- To be the light and salt of the world

Salt and Light1

Thanks for getting to know me.

Birthday Mail

Drop me a line at, if you would like to send me “happy birthday mail”. I love happy mail, it truly makes my day. I love postcards, greeting cards, penpal letters, souvenirs, local handmade or homemade (made by you) things. I love getting to know about the lives and hometowns of others. (Just sharing what I like, not begging for stuff). Happy Birthday mail would truly be a blessing to me, especially at this season of my life where I could use a little extra prayer and encouragement.


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