happy people

How are you today? I do sincerely hope that all is well. This month of August is my birthday month, as well as my daughter’s. She’ll be turning 9, yeah! And I will be turning 33 years old. So as a fun celebration of making it through life to see my 33rd year (hopefully). I’d like to celebrate this month with a series of 33 themed post. Starting with this one, 33 things you may not know about me.

I really appreciate you clicking on this post, I’m quite honored that you are interested in learning something new about me. I would very much love it, if you would let me know if we have anything here in common or just something about you in general. Seriously, you’d make my day.

So here I go.

Did you know?

1.) I’m a mother of 4 children (8, 5, 2, 10 months)

2.) I’ve been married for 10 years

3.) I got married when I was 22 years old

4.) I had my first child (a girl) at 23 years old (4 days before my 24th birthday)

5.) I was born in the Caribbean island of Barbados


6.) I write poetry

7.) I have written hundreds of poems from since I was 16 years old

8.) My favorite poet is Helen Steiner Rice

9.) I have a poetry blog found at www.wordsofapoetriot.com

10.) Poetriot is a word I made up that means to be true to yourself as a poet/artist. It is a mesh between the word “poet” and “Patriot.”

11.) I had many original poems published in the local newspaper in my place of birth

12.) I coordinated poetry read-ins, slams and workshops in my country targeting teens/young adults

13.) I started my own poetry organization called Baje Yout Productions (Baje-Bajan, Yout-Youth), under which I coordinated these poetry events

14.) I met my husband when performing my poetry (through a different poetry group I coordinated) at a local festival

15.) I was once on the cover and featured in a local magazine

16.) I later published and sold 2 issues of my very own magazine called “BajeYout” which wrote on topics that related to Barbados youth

17.) I officially self-published four poetry books– Words of a Poetriot, Discovering Me, Spiritual Essence and The Spirit of Christmas

18.) I started AskLatisha in 2008

19.) I don’t wear make-up

20.) I favor long skirts over short ones

21.) I lost a son (5 days old) in 2011


22.) I like receiving fun mail, even magazine subscriptions

23.) I have struggled with Anxiety/Panic Attacks for many years (since 13 years old)


24.) I hate feeling rejected

25.) I feel embarrass for others

26.) I am very emotional

27.) I try to hide my tears from others when movies or commercials make me cry

28.) The accepted sinful nature of this world scares me

29.) I’m afraid of heights

30.) I’m afraid of falling

31.) I want to be more fearless

32.) I want to experience life to its fullest (travel & adventure)

33.) I want to be authentically me

Thanks for getting to know me.

Drop me a line at latisha@asklatisha.com, if you would like to send me “happy birthday mail.” I love happy mail, it truly makes my day. I love postcards, greeting cards, penpal letters, souvenirs, local handmade or homemade (made by you) things. I love getting to know about the lives and hometowns of others. (Just sharing what I like, not begging for stuff). Happy Birthday mail would truly be a blessing to me, especially at this season of my life where I could use a little extra prayer and encouragement.


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