Why I am thankful it’s finally November

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Why I am thankful it’s finally November

November is my third favorite month of the year; because it’s one month away from my most favorite of all; December. So starts the countdown to Christmas. It is now twenty-seven days to December 1st and fifty-one days until Christmas day. However; after we arrive in the month of December; Christmas day can take it’s sweet ole time to get here; it’s the month of December I love the most; not just that one day.

            Last November; I celebrated my first official Thanksgiving Day; even though for me unofficially everyday is thanksgiving. I watched the Macy’s Thanksgiving day parade; my husband and I cooked Thanksgiving dinner; which included my own recipe of Broccoli pie; then later we went to look at Christmas lights illuminating a castle like building; it was so pretty. Despite; the day’s lack of actual gifts to open; I felt the Christmas spirit more that day than Christmas day itself. So I am looking forward to my second Thanksgiving Day and my first with my family of three in our very own home.

            Saturday November 1st; I met a pen pal from Japan for the first time and we went to the movies together; we saw “High School Musical 3,” I’ll write my review later.

Sunday, we visited a nearby church for the second time and have decided to become members.

            Tomorrow (November 4th) is the biggest day of all; extremely exciting, intriguing, a bit nerve-wracking and definitely historical; it’s Election Day here in America and I am so honored to bare witness to history in the making; however it turns out. I am bloody-well dying for all this political blah-blah to settle down before my head explodes. BOOM! 

            My friend and upstairs neighbor invited me to a poetry reading at her sister’s church on Saturday November 8th; so I’ll brave my nerves and read one or two of my poems.

            T.V wise; we have a new show debuting on Nickelodeon with teen star Keke Palmer called “True Jackson:VP” on November 8th; also on the same day and channel will be ICarly movie; “I go to Japan;” then for my daughter and I to watch together on Noggin (also a Nick channel) “Dora saves the Snow Princess” on November 3rd. Later; this month; ABC Family will kick-off their “Countdown to 25 days of Christmas” event; an event I was so happy to be a part of last year. I watched the network’s holiday movie premieres; which are now available on DVD; Christmas Caper (with Shannon Doherty), Snow Globe (with Christina Milian) and Holiday in Handcuffs (with Mario Lopez and Melissa Joan Hart) and so much more.

            The best stuff always comes out on DVD; during the months of November and December. Coming to DVD this month are movies such as “Hancock,” “Get Smart,” “Tropic Thunder,” “Wall-E,” “Kung-fu Panda,” “ Hellboy 2: The Golden Army,” “The Clone Wars,” “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2,” “Meet Dave,” “Fred Claus,” “Kitt Kittredge: An American Girl,” “Space Chimps,” “ This Christmas” and “The Perfect Holiday;” all great stocking stuffers this Christmas and movies I really, really want to see for the first time or again.

            Also coming to theaters this November; “Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa,” “Role Models,” “Soul Men,” (Nov 7th); “Quantum of Solace” (Nov 14th); “Bolt,” “Twilight” (Nov 21st) and “Four Christmases,” “Transporter 3” (Nov 26th).

            What about me? What I’m going to be up to this month; well; pretty much the same; trying to be the best mom, wife and me I can be; only better. My two goals this month is to try to get into better shape (start back exercising) and complete two book projects I started earlier this year to self-publish them before December 1st.

I also plan to have an awesome November and magical Thanksgiving (Nov 27th). What’s your November going to be like? Comment and let me know.

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  1. Joleil November 6, 2008 at 11:17 pm - Reply

    <3 [christmas]
    My absolutely fav vaca. I knew we were sisters for a reason! Haha. Just can’t wait.
    My November..hm…filled with the anxiety and excitement of being home for xmas, not as interesting as yours but the feelings are VERY strong.

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