A Little Confession

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A Little Confession

I have a little confession to make; during this summer; for about a month or two I have been taking allergy medicine or Tynelol to help me sleep almost every night; because of this act I have been sleeping very well but very unsure if doing something like that is safe; I even prayed about it. Not really receiving much of an answer from God; at least not in a way I understood; I went ahead and continue misusing my allergy and headache medicine to get a good nights rest. Until a couple of weeks ago, I started experiencing nose bleeds more than I have in my life; about six times to be exact; including the two times it happened last night. During these times; I started to wonder if it is because of my new sleeping habit that my nose was starting to bleed so often but I wasn’t sure.

All I know is; I needed to sleep. The one night I tried to go without the pills this month, I did not sleep at all; I finally got up and took them about 3:00 in the morning because everyone needs sleep. Tonight is the second night I have tried; I guess that my body and eyes might be sleepy but my mind is awake and so am I. My husband thought the nose bleeding might be caused by stress, heat or me overworking my brain (possibly). He says I don’t relax and that’s true. I don’t even know how.

This summer my daughter, who was sleeping in a Cot in our small room, now sleeps in our bed between me and her father (temporary situation), her Cot has been replaced by a Computer Desk. So what was a manageable living situation last year; when we first got here, no longer applies, my living situation for me has gotten tight, disorganized and uncomfortable but I am trying to patiently wait on my Father to move me and my family into a new season when the time is right. I remind myself, how fortunate we are, because many people, especially in the financial situation we are in right now are so much worst off than we are, some people are living in the street, bigger families in tighter spaces, some people don’t even have a bed or a bedroom. So as tight and uncomfortable I may be, I know I am very blessed also.

I am also fortunate enough to know my God is working on my behalf to move me and my family to a more comfortable place. So patience and joy is my virtue. Anyway, back to my nose bleed story, my husband had the good sense to look it up on line and that’s how I came to realize the nose bleeding may most certainly be a result of this survival technique I have formed. So that’s that and I have to do it (sleep) on my own.

I know what I have to do to get it done; I have to get healthier; I have to eat right, exercise, develop a sleeping pattern that relaxes me and makes it easier to sleep at night, cut down on t.v before bedtime, meditate, etc. It’s my aim to become a better me by Christmas but I decided to wait until we move into our apartment before I started on that quest, I guess that’s why waiting is not as easy as it sounds.

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