ABC & NBC Announces Summer Schedule

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ABC & NBC Announces Summer Schedule

NBC, ABC Set Summer Scheds
by Tim Surette Staff Writer 03/05/10 12:30 PM

… This summer is going to be HOT HOT HOT! Well, somewhat warm. And only if you like reality shows. Both ABC and NBC have unveiled their summertime schedules, and it’s looking like a good time to go on a three-month vacation.

The Bachelorette: May 24
True Beauty: May 31
Wipeout: June 22

America’s Got Talent: June 1
Last Comic Standing: June 7
100 Questions: May 27
A sitcom about finding love… think every single other sitcom about finding love when you’re a twenty-something. (Replaces Parks and Recreation, which goes on hiatus.)
Persons Unknown: June 7
A mystery drama from Christopher McQuarrie (writer, The Usual Suspects).

… Love Dancing With the Stars but wish there were more faceplants and shattered tibias? ABC does too! The network is putting together the next logical step for the series with an unofficial spin-off that puts the show on ice skates. It will be celebs and ice skating pros, with “ice and fire and ice sculptures and just a real theatrical flair to it,” says a producer. Theatrical flair and ice skating? That’s so crazy it just might work!


Martha Stewart is pitching a reality show called Help Me, Martha. The premise is this: Someone planning a party or event is surprised when Martha shows up at their doorstep with her team of home-making minions to assist in the preparation. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t let an ex-con into MY house. [THR]

… Set phasers to “Giggity!” Super sexy Star Trek vet Jeri Ryan has hopped on board ABC’s Body of Evidence, about a woman who is both a medical examiner and a crime-solver. Ryan will play the chief medical examiner. [THR]

… A fan of the Discovery Channel show Survivorman took all the knowledge he learned from the show, headed out into the Canadian wilderness with little supplies, and promptly died. The body of 41-year-old Richard Code was found Wednesday. Lesson learned about emulating info-shows: Start with cooking and stop just short of Dirty Jobs. [The Toronto Star]

… A 21-year-old man is suing CBS, claiming producers of the show The Doctors tricked him into being part of the program as a patient. Which wouldn’t normally be that big of a deal, except he was having “pearly penile papules” removed from his penis. Apparently he believed the show would only be seen by medical students and doctors. I don’t know what “pearly penile papules” are and frankly, I don’t want to know. Normally I would side with the guy, but he should have realized what was going on while he was SURROUNDED BY A STUDIO AUDIENCE. Also, penis. (Hee hee!) [Huffington Post]


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