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Amazed; Inspired; Touched

There is an element to my personality that God has molded in me; that I am very thankful for. I am so in tune with my emotions. I feel things; I feel love; compassion; happiness; sadness and I sometimes get so overwhelmed by the magnificence of God’s wonderful world and people; that tears of gratitude seep from my eyes. I love to feel because these true emotions make me feel so alive.

I am so sorry for the people floating through life like emotionless zombies. Yes, it’s true; some emotions are practically unbearable; however I can’t risk losing out on joy and happiness; for fear of having to experience heart-break, sadness and disappointment as well. There was this quote from one of my favorite teen movies I watched in 1999 (I was seventeen); “She’s all that;” that has always stuck with me; “Sometimes when you open up to people, you let the bad in with the good.”

I received a semi-pleasant e-mail from one of the many people in this world; who inspire me; Tyler Perry:

Hello there,

I had to write you today. You know that I’m not a man that deals in
negativity, but when I’m being attacked I have to let you know.

Something is going on right now that I have to tell you about, but not
today. I’ll tell you about it in a couple of days.

Today, I wanted to tell you about the opening celebration of my new
studio. I refused to let anything get me down this weekend because I was
going to celebrate the dream coming to fruition.

Here is the link:

Tyler Perry

Reading this message has opened up my mind to realize; if you let your light shine and you glow for the world. You are opening yourself up for the best and the worst the world has to offer; but you still have to shine because when you do; who knows who you are lighting the way for; you may be the instrument of light in someone else’s darkness. You will be someone else’s inspiration.

Satan uses people of all kinds; including those who you least expect; to come up against you and darken your radiance and stop you from making the world around you a little bit better; but you can’t let him win; this is one battle you can not lose.

I watched an extreme tear-jerking t.v show, two previous Sundays on ABC; Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. They were touching and inspiring. This season the show has set out to change the lives of life-changers (Real Heroes).

The first two episodes of the season; which premiered 28th September 2008; was about a mother of four children, Felicia Jackson, who made a promise to her sister on her deathbed to take care of her ten nieces and nephews; and keep them together. Felicia fought to keep this promise as best as she could. Giving her circumstances; she did a damn good job doing it. Now Ty and his awesome design team; the Knights-in-paint-splashed-overcoats, they are; has to bring a bag full of miracles to help Felicia continued to keep her promise; as well as maintain her sanity. Here’s the brief story:

The third episode; which showed the following Sunday was about the Akers family and this episode’s hero was an eight-year old girl name Brooke. This is a family of five and all three children in the family have life-threatening diseases; two are in wheelchairs. When their parents originally bought their home; they had no idea the disability this house would become; preventing the two girls; who both use 200 pound wheelchairs; to move around freely in their own home. They have to depend on their mom and dad to carry them everywhere in the house. When Ty ask the little girl Brooke; what were her biggest concerns about their living situation; she replied; she is worried about her sister Faith and her mom. I was amazed at the kind of spirit this little girl has; she doesn’t complain about her illness and think life’s so unfair; she is thankful and compassionate for the life she has and the people around her. I thought to myself; wow; that’s a rare and wonderful thing. Here’s her brief story:

I derived inspiration from many things and people. I love to watch The Ellen DeGeneres show; because I am inspired by the people who are on there; mostly the non-celebrities. I also think, Barrack Obama, is a very riveting and inspiring speaker and despite the whole mumbo-jumbo about lack of experience; he would make an awesome President; I’ll tell you why another time; and the list of inspirations go on and on.

Here is a forward I received in my e-mail that I thought was both inspirational and amazing and if it’s truth; it’s very touching. I don’t usually open forwards but every once in a while I make an exception.

Click on picture for better veiw.

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