Better Off Ted Officially Dead!

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Better Off Ted Officially Dead!

I don’t know what happened. Were the ratings that terrible?

Anyway Better Off Ted has been eliminated after only two seasons of life. What the @$%&. This network is starting to really bug me.

I really thought this show was very quirky and funny. It always seems to me that ABC would take risk and invest in these unique and oddball shows; then give up on them too soon. Can you think of any? I can, Ugly Betty; Eli Stone; Pushing Daisies; and now Ted is dead (lol, I couldn’t help it, it was too easy).

Don’t you think Better Off Ted would have fit in perfectly with ABC’s Wednesday-night Comedy line-up? This includes shows like Cougar Town; Modern Family; and The Middle. ABC really, really sucks.

Speaking of Modern Family, star Sophia Vergara will voice a penguin on Happy Feet.

Jay Harrington who played Ted in Better Off Ted; will be moving to NBC in comedy series Nathan vs Nuture; I hope it works out.

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  1. Iluminada Diersen March 25, 2010 at 3:22 am - Reply

    This has to be the best tv show ever…

  2. Tarnish Silver May 18, 2014 at 3:59 pm - Reply

    The show sucked big time. Let’s see, where to start….. oh yeah, flippancy can not support the whole premise of a show, and characters and dialogue that are saturated with flippancy just annoys and disturbs. Do we really believe that a male ( can not call him a man) is in a position of creative authority when his own daughter is his “mother figure”? He is like a lost child who is careening through life at work with everything out of control and all sorts of horrible things happening but this is supposed to be funny. Well, yeah, if that is how one is going through one’s own life then maybe that is why you might like this show. Any man who has matured though, into the realm of manhood, can not help but be deeply disturbed by this show.

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