Blogging Anniversary

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Blogging Anniversary

I just wanted to give a short shout-out to today; it’s exactly one year ago today I started posting on my blog. I am very proud; at present I have 104 post and 52 comments (hope to drastically improve that number next year); make that 105 post including this one.

Happy Birthday,

I wanted to write more but I just finished writing a long review for the “Twilight” movie, I know, finally right?!  So, I’ll keep it brief. This morning, I’m going to church; later I may chat with my mom on Skype, talk about my week of ups and downs; maybe leave home, maybe not. I had a good week and a lot to be thankful for; I have an interesting week ahead and I have a lot to hope and pray for. So pray for me and I’ll pray for you; pray for the continued growth and success of Love you, have a great day, week, month and God bless you!



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