Breaking Free

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Breaking Free

Inside of me lies a heart so big and so full, I don’t understand how my body can sustain it. I am so full of love, passion, dreams, desires and gratitude for life and I have never in my life met anyone who thinks like me, feels like me or talk like me; sometimes I wonder why have I been created this way and what is my purpose; sometimes I feel like a freak of nature and I don’t comprehend why I am who I am.

I want to LIVE HARD and when I yell that to the top of my lungs; I don’t mean live to the extreme and attempting death defying stunts; I mean I want to truly experience every experience that comes my way; I want to see, taste, hear, touch all that I can; I want to be all I can be and achieve 99.9 % of all I dream. So how can I do that?

Well, my guess is; by putting God first; truly loving all the pieces of me (flaws and all); caring for others; being kind and giving; respecting myself; taking care of my mind, body and soul; walking through every open door and window; grabbing every opportunity like it’s my last; appreciating every moment good or bad; being thankful for what you have; using what you have to your advantage; not coveting what others have that you don’t; work on being happy; relax and enjoy the quiet moments and the list just goes on.

The passion in me and the woman I was meant to be are hidden deep inside my soul but get ready world because I am about to break free and she is on her way.

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