Bye, Bye Michael Jackson, 1958-2009

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Bye, Bye Michael Jackson, 1958-2009


Today is a different day; but it feels quite the same. The sun is shining, it’s nice and warm outside (where I am); my daughter is still being her sweet, adorable self; reminding me how precious these moments are; cars are still being driven; people are still walking around, going about their daily business but something’s different.
            In this world; where everything is being done the way it’s normally done; a musical legend has been taken.
            I must admit the news of Michael “The King of Pop” Jackson’s death took me completely by surprise and I couldn’t believe that I am old enough for something like that to happen. Does that make sense? I don’t know how to explain that any further.

             However, I have shed more tears for the lost of two of my favorite young female artist Aaliyah and Lisa “Left-Eye” Lopes; who died in 2001 and 2002 in a plane and car crash, respectively.
            I felt closer to them; not only as artists but as people; than I did with M.J. Nevertheless; Aaliyah, Lisa Lopes and Michael Jackson had one thing in common, they were unique in their own rights and they will never, ever be forgotten, neither will their music. Like most celebrities, these three have had their fair share of scandals and time in court. So I would never claim, I knew them; the fact is very few of us knew who they really were; very few of us, if any at all, understood them and what they were really going through in their minds; the same way only God really knows me and understands what I go through in my mind.
            Like I said, today is a different day but for me it feels quite the same; in my world Michael seemed to have left us for quite some time now but today my mind is filled with the understanding that this time he is really gone; gone for good; hopefully to a better place.
            In my heart I always hoped all the allegations and rumors about Michael weren’t true; that he is just a real life Peter Pan in a grown-up’s body, who never understood the rules of the “real world” (one of my least favorite places); who didn’t understand limitations and boundaries; who had so much love to give that it beamed through his pores, make sense? And those who didn’t get that or get him; needed to take him down; I hoped what has been said about him wasn’t the truth and I still hope; but what’s done is done and what the real truth is; I’ll probably never know; but I can always hope.
            I saw a quote in an article this morning from Michael Levine, a Hollywood publicist who represented Michael in the early 1990s. “It seemed to me that his internal essence was at war with the norms of the world. It’s as if he was trying to defy gravity.”   I think that is an adequate description of the man most of us didn’t understand; but we did understand and absolutely adore his music; this man has touched many of our lives with the his heart and soul in his music, performances and videos; he has brought us to our knees; he has brought us to tears; he has made us dance; made us sing; he has helped shaped some of our careers and he will never be forgotten in our hearts.  

            Michael Jackson has most certainly left his imprint and the world won’t be the same without him. It just won’t.

             Bye, M. J, Goodbye. I pray your spirit is now living in a new and improved NEVERLAND and I hope you now know the purest form of happiness and love; the kind you always desired and sought after all your life. R.I.P M.J.

(Some of ) My Favorite Michael Jackson Videos/Songs:

I remember when I first saw this performance

R.I.P Michael

And many, many more. The tears have arrived.

Sincerely Latisha.

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