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Camp Rock

Apparently I must be a teenybopper at heart; always reviewing teen movies but what can I say; I am who I am; love me or don’t.

So what do I think of Camp Rock? I thought it was okay. I think the Jonas Brothers are cute in a teen heartthrob sort of way (would have had a real crush on Joe Jonas, if I was still a teen). I like their music but mostly I really like what they represent as young people; I think they are excellent role models for their generation.

I liked that Alyson Stoner was in this movie; I recognize her face but it took me a while to figure out who she was; I knew for sure though; when she put down a slight move at the turntable; but boy she is all grown up. When did that happen? I’m really looking forward to seeing her shine for a change as oppose to basking in the ray of someone else’s sunlight; as she has been doing for years.

It was a little odd for me in the hip-hop class scene; where Shane (Joe Jonas) was teaching some students; which included most of the leading cast; some “Hip-Hop” moves but to me it looked like POP. That was just not Hip-Hop.

Anyway; I thought it was a pretty good movie; nice simple entertainment; nothing special to report but fun to watch and I’d probably watch it again someday. I liked the singing and dancing and for me that’s all I really need to have fun watching an okay movie. I liked that it had a nice happy ending.
All and all it is a great movie for a teen and okay movie for a teen-at-heart. Love you; kiss, kiss.

The End.

Hip-HOP 101! If you say so.


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