Christmas in July Reading Marathon featuring Christian Fiction author Melody Carlson

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Christmas in July Reading Marathon featuring Christian Fiction author Melody Carlson

Its smack dab in the middle of the year, month six, July and this is when I often start to regain my anticipation about the holidays. I’m ready to start thinking about Christmas again and every once in a while listen to some holiday music or watch a holiday movie and get into the Christmas spirit again.

Nevertheless, this year I am doing something different. This year I am launching a “Christmas in July Reading Marathon.” What that means is; I am reading a whole bunch a Christmas novels by Christian author Melody Carlson.

Where did I get the idea? Well, I very rarely read fiction, even though I do like fiction and often enjoy the books I choose to read in that department, I tend to gravitate more to non-fiction self-help/Christian living/inspiring/motivational type books featuring authors like Joyce Meyer and others. Nevertheless, this year, I’ve not been feeling so great, been having a hard time with my pregnancy, haven’t been feeling the renewal of body, mind and soul vibe lately, unfortuantely.  I just felt like reading something light and fun, where all I needed to do is sit back, relax and enjoy, not think so much about getting my act together. Can you relate?

So last month, I bought a book called “These Boots Weren’t Made for Walking,” which I loved, authored by Melody Carlson. It’s the first book I have ever read of hers. It got so good in the end, I couldn’t put it down, I loved how it ended but felt sad that that journey was over, I wanted more. So I went to my bookshelf, found the only unread fiction I had, and it was a Christmas book I bought last December but didn’t get around to reading and it was written by the same author Melody Carlson. I said “what the heck” and even though it was June, I read it; loved it and finished it in two or three days, a book has got to be good for me to do that.

That’s when I discovered all these other Christmas novels she has written and I saw a two book package on sale at for $19.99; it featured two 3-in-1 Christmas books by Melody Carlson. One is called “The Treasure of Christmas” featuring “The Christmas Bus,” “Gift of Christmas Present,” and “Angels in the Snow.” The other one is called “The Joy of Christmas” featuring “An Irish Christmas,” “All I have to Give,” and “The Christmas Dog.”

I just finished reading the first novel, “The Christmas Bus,” it was very enjoyable, finished reading it in less than a week; I’ll soon post my review of that one and all the others. I hope to inspire you to share in the reading and discussing of these books with me or to talk about what you are reading. Nevertheless, it is going to be a fun summer for me, reading and otherwise. P.S- Though I’m calling this project, what I am calling it, I am not putting any pressure on myself to complete all six books by July’s end, what’s the fun in that, I’m just going to read as I can and enjoy them naturally, and post my review when I finish each book. It’ll be fun. Happy summer!

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