Christmas Poems by me

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Christmas Poems by me

The Spirit of Christmas


The spirit of Christmas

Can’t be bought from a store

Christmas spirit means so much more

It’s not found in the decorations or under the tree

The spirit of Christmas lives in the heart of you and me

Its love, kindness, generosity

Forgiveness, joy, quality time with friends and family

Its thankfulness and great appreciation

For what we have and good relations

The spirit of Christmas can’t be bought from a store

The Christmas spirit is a message to us from our heavenly Father

It means a whole lot more

The spirit of the season

Not only this season but every season

Already lives in the hearts of you and me

So let it out, set it free, and carry the spirit of Christmas

The love and sacrifice of Jesus Christ with you dayly



My Christmas Prayer


My Christmas prayer

For you is simply this

A life filled with God’s blessings

This is my Christmas wish

Happiness, Joy, Friendship, love

Modern day miracles right here on earth

Guidance, protection and grace from the Lord above

Great success in whatever you do

Prosperity, financial blessings, the best

I pray for you

May you have a Merry Christmas

The best you’ve ever had

Ring in the New Year

With an open heart

Welcome all good things

Dance and sing, praise, rejoice

Glory to God

For all the wonders this life brings


Merry Christmas




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