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  • ClickBak Univerty 2.0 Review

ClickBank University 2.0 Review

Clickbank University 2.0 is a training center and community on how to make money with ClickBank. You will learn how to market other people’s products with affiliate marketing as well as how to create your own info products to sell online.

Product: ClickBank University 2.0
Price: $47
Rating: 9/10

What’s the fuss about ClickBank University 2.0?

If you have done any kind of affiliate marketing before then you have most likely already familiar with ClickBank. If you are like me you have bought many course on affiliate marketing and some of them may have been targeted toward affiliate marketing with ClickBank. ClickBank University is different in the fact that it is produced by ClickBank and not a third party seller. SO you are getting training geared toward ClickBank by ClickBank. That by itself should be an advantage of getting ClickBank University 2.0 over any other Internet Marketing Course. But is it?

If you have seen the Salepage you are probably just as baffled as me about why they did not give more details about the course. They tell you that you will be on your way to making good money with ClickBank University 2.0 but the sales pitch lack in details. Like What’s inside?

Lets’ start Buying ClickBank University 2.0

The upfront price is #47 is not a bad investment to learn how to make money in affiliate marketing. You do have to be willing to invest in yourself if you really are serious about making money online. However, and this is the part that get me all the time with any course I order online. The Up-Sells (Your know, those additional products they ask you to buy after you make the first order and before they can take you to the course you just paid for?) I absolutely hate Up-Sells. Do not promise me the world on your salespage and get me to fork out some of my hard earn money for your product and then tell me I must upgrade to get the full benefit of what I just paid for. That is wrong. With that said, the Up-Sells offered by ClickBank University are not a must but can help with speeding up your progress to making a living online.

A brief overview of what’s inside ClickBank University 2.0

12-Week Training for Vendors

This is ClickBank’s bread and butter so they have gone all out and provide a very in depth training on how to create your own info products to sell online. If you are interested in being a product creator, making your own eBooks or software to sell in the ClickBank marketplace then this is for you and you will get a wealth of information putting you on the path to being your own boss. The training here is quite extensive and cover a wide range of topics. Definitely worth the $47 price tag.

8-Week Training for Affiliates

If you are more interested in making money online as an affiliate market then this section of the training is for you. This is excellent training for newbies looking to get into affiliate marketing and you will definitely learn how to promote products from the ClickBank marketplace and earn commissions and a great income as an affiliate marketer.
As I mention before, product creation by Vendors is ClickBank’s bread and butter so they put more details into that part of the training than they did for the affiliate marketing section, so if you are experienced in affiliate marketing already then this section of the training may seem a bit basic to you. However as someone who has been around the block, I can say they is always new things to learn once you have an open mind and never think you know everything. So even if you have experience in affiliate marketing you can still learn something from what’s inside ClickBank University 2.0

Also Includes:

  • Weekly Live Q&A Webinar with Adam & Justin
  • Access to Private Facebook Support Group
  • ClickBank Builder 2.0 (As an Up-sell)
  • ClickBank University Toolkit (As an Up-sell)


  • ClickBank University 2.0 is created by ClickBank for ClickBank.
  • There is a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Excellent Training for Vendors
  • Good Training for Affiliates.


  • ClickBank University 2.0 is Mainly for Vendors
  • Pricey Up-Sells (Optional)
  • No Trial Period
  • Video Training not all accessible at once. Must complete section to move on to next video. This is in place so students don’t steps steps

The Bottom Line

ClickBank University 2.0 does contain a wealth of information and if you are interested in being a Vendor and selling your own ClickBank product then this is for you and you should definitely go for it. Affiliate market new to the business can will also learn everything hey need to know to become successful with ClickBank affiliate marketing. With a 30 day money back guarantee you have nothing to lose.

Try ClickBank University 2.0

ClickBank University 2.0 Review
  • ClickBank University 2.0


ClickBank University 2.0 is great for Vendors and affiliate marketers looking to make their first commission check online.

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