Essence Magazine September & November 2008 Issues

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Essence Magazine September & November 2008 Issues

Good Morning friends, how are you today?


Well, Thanksgiving and Christmas is soon here and the truth is; I am not as excited about it as I normally would be at this time of the year. I think I am still recovering from the last exciting thing I have experienced about a week ago. November 4th  felt like Thanksgiving and Christmas rolled up in one; so it feels as though I used up all my Christmas spirit already and I have to get myself a new bottle. Anyway, that’s not really what I am here to talk about. I am here to talk about two issues of Essence magazine I read lately. See, my friend and upstairs neighbor subscribe to Essence magazine; so I often borrow hers and read them if there is something that interest me in it.

            This month, there was something that interest me. I went to the Laundry Monday 3rd November (yup, day before Election Day) and I saw an issue of Essence on the magazine table with Beyoncé on the cover; it said “Beyoncé breaks the silence on wedding to Jay-z and new music;” that’s cool and all; but that wasn’t the headline that made me want to read this magazine. The headline that caught my attention was “Happy & Healthy, Be the woman God wants you to be;” since that is exactly the woman I want to be, this November issue of Essence peeked my curiosity. So while at the laundry I glanced through its pages and along with those two articles I was interested in reading; I saw a photo of the then hopeful first-family the Obamas and realized that they were on the cover of the September issue and as I continued to turn the pages I stumbled upon a photo journal of the then Senator Obama’s journey to the White House, a highlight of some of the momentous occasions during his campaign to be President.

            I thought to myself, I would really like to read this magazine properly in the comfort of my own home; I considered taking it from the Laundry mat but came to the conclusion that even though it’s just a magazine that some one donated and they wouldn’t really miss it; that is not the kind of thing God would be pleased with me doing. Another thought just dawned on me; while I am writing these words. Who knows who would go to the laundry, read something in there and be inspired? That magazine is right where it belonged.

            However, I did remember my friend subscribes; so I asked her to borrow both issues when I got home. She brought them down soon after with a large slice of apple pie she made with the apples from her apple-picking excursion; the one I wanted to go to but missed. Pie tasted great.

            Anyway, the Beyoncé article entitled “I am Legend,” was an okay read. It didn’t really add much to my life; the writing style of its author is not my cup of tea. Beyoncé did speak a little teeny-weeny- teensy bit about her wedding though, which was interesting.

             My favorite article definitely was an article entitled “Yes you can” a personal growth article about being the woman God wants you to be. Those are often the kind of articles that appeal to me most; and that’s what my future magazine is going to be about.   They are other stuff in this issue to interest readers like “Child Brides,” about girls as young as thirteen and fifteen becoming brides in Africa; “The Gift,” a testimony of a woman diagnosed with three primary cancers, leaning on her faith, she now says Cancer saved her life; “Starting Over,” Star Jones speaks out about beginning again; it also has so much more on health, finance, love, etc.

            In the September issue; the article that caught my attention; of course was “The Obamas; Portrait of the American Family,” to be honest; again, I was not very fulfilled by this article; the style in which this article was written, did not impress me. However, the pictures of the Obamas were very beautiful. I am always happy to see them. My absolute favorite read in this issue was “I know I’ve been Changed,” a letter from the Editor. They also are beautiful photographs and an okay article of my fellow Bajan (Barbados) Queen Rihanna.

            Well; I just wanted to share what I have been reading lately. I am not a big Essence magazine fan, however sometimes it does feature celebrities and articles I am into; for instance I still have a copy of the August 2007 issue; which has Tyler Perry on the cover. My favorite black celebrity couple will grace the cover of the December issue, Will and Jada Pinkett Smith; so I am getting myself a copy. I love reading mags and I dream of owning my own someday. I think they are things you can collect and own a piece of history. When you look back you would see; what was going on in our world at this particular time and they are much easier to maintain and cleaner than newspapers. As a writer; that’s a wonderful thing to have your words captured and documented as a part of history.

             Lately, I have been so broke, buying magazines were not a luxury I could afford. However, I am interested in what magazines you have been reading lately?

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