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Fall T.V Thoughts and Reviews

I couldn’t watch them all but I took a peek at as many as I could. So here are the t.v shows that tweaked my interest the most this Fall season and my thoughts about them. Thank God for Tivo; best invention ever!!

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (ABC)

I think this is the greatest, most wonderful reality show ever created and it gives folks amazing miracles and gifts, as well as make me cry, every episode. This show could get to the best of us; even those less emotional than I am. So season 6; Ty Pennington and his awesome design team bring the gift of “home” to ordinary people doing extraordinary things and the two-hour season premiere was a spectacular way to kick-off this life-changing venture. With a single mother and aunt taking care of fourteen children (ten of which were her sister’s children, who had passed away four years prior). They all lived in a hotel because she couldn’t afford a home for her and the children to live together comfortably. This show warms my heart with delight every single time and increases my desire to do good things for others and change the world one friend or stranger at a time. I pray God keeps it on the air as long as it is possible. A+

Desperate Housewives (ABC)

Seen two episodes of this season’s Desperate Housewives and I think the writing on this show is phenomenal. What a lucky show to have such awesome writers, maybe one or two of them need to go give the writing team of “Heroes” some tips. Unfortunately; the attributes of this program is not my cup of tea or I would watch it more often but I got to tell you; if that kind of back-stabbing malicious drama appealed to me, this would be the place to go for the real good stuff. I am a bit curious to see how the many new story lines “five years in the future” are going to play out; like who really is Edie’s husband and who on Wisteria Lane has to watch out for his bite; I am dying to know why the writers glammed down Gabrielle and what mischief are Lynette’s now sixteen year old twins going to get themselves into. I guess I’d have to watch to find out, we’ll see. A+

Valentine (The CW)

I have seen only two episodes so far and I love it. It’s so sexy and cute in a really good way. It’s like watching a romantic-comedy (movie) every week. Complicated made simple love stories; a funny, sexy cast and good writing; can’t go wrong. P.S- I think the guy who plays Danny Valentine is sexy and I love the way he dresses. A+


Dancing with the Stars (ABC)

Same old recipe; celebrities of all flavors; sexy pro dancers (I have a crush on Derek Hough-he is so cute and sexy) and ballroom dancing. I am not that big a fan of the Judges but they come with the package. I had another crush on Rocco DiSpirito but he is definitely not a good dancer so he had to go. I think Brook Burke is the one to beat unless she loses her spot to a celebrity with a more lovable personality; if that’s the case Cloris Leachman could give her a run for her money. The celebrities I smile when watching the most are Cody Linley and Warren Sapp. Holla! B+

Chuck (NBC)
I’ve only seen one or two episodes of season one; but this season I have started watching consistently with my hubby; who started following the show half-way through last season and really liked it. I think it’s interesting and cool. I feel a little sorry for Chuck though; not being able to be with the girl he loves; but they’ll get together eventually and be like a super-spy couple like in the Arnold Swatzeneger movie “True Lies.” We had to wait a real long time for Teri Hatcher and Dean Cain to get together in “Louis & Clark,” we’ll probably have to wait a while for the new Louis and Clark in Smallville to do it too; but we’ll wait as long as the show doesn’t get canceled first. I was completely impressed with Nicole Richie’s ass kicking performance in the series this Monday (20th Oct 2008). She was awesome and should pursue acting seriously as a career. She plays bitchy well. P.S, I love the show’s opening credits. A

Heroes (NBC)

Well; my feelings towards this show is so-so. I don’t think I really like it anymore. When I originally took interest in the series when it premiered in 2006; I had different expectations; I hoped it would go down a different path; in fact I could never have anticipated the course it would take. The continuous killing and gruesomeness made it almost unbearable to watch for me. I completely boycotted 90 % of season two and I was not very impressed with the two-hour premiere of season three at all. I hate the path in which the writers have taken the character Mohinder Suresh (who I was in love with in season one) this season and I fear it is venturing to the point of no return and the only way out is in a box. I hate every single scene with this character I have seen so far this season; except I have to admit his sex scene with Maya was sexy. I figured tragedy would bring these two characters together but I thought and hoped it would have been in a less erotic manner; and much more warmer and delicate but what am I talking about, it’s not that kind of show. I am very intrigued and captivated by the new Sylar. The writers are really switching things up and mixing up the good, the bad, the not-so-bad and the evil and now I am still trying to figure out who is who. B+

My Own Worst Enemy (NBC)

Seen two episodes of this series so far and I think it has potential. The premiere for me was very exciting and the second episode was so-so. We’ll see. A

Samantha Who (ABC)

I think this show is somewhat funny; not laugh-out-loud hilariously funny but it is entertaining. I think Samantha; her girlfriends, parents, doorman and ex-boyfriend are interesting characters who make you laugh in their own way. In every episode I watch I find myself feeling sorry for the principal character Samantha because she’s kind of a geek and hardly ever wins. The relationship under-tone with Todd is cute though (I’m a sucker for romance). B

Opportunity Knocks (ABC)

To me; this game show has a very slight similarity to Extreme Makeover: Home Edition; it picks a family every week and it changes their lives. However this show isn’t tragic stories; that prompt good deeds but happy families whose biggest asset in the game is sticking together and really paying attention to each other. I hope you guys watch because I really, really enjoy this game show and if there is anything I have learned since kissing the kiss-me-not killer and cast of Women’s Murder Club (which I loved= A+) goodbye; ABC and America doesn’t care what I think. Plllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeesssssse watch this show; plllllllllllllllllllleeeeeeeese but I’m not going to beg. A

Eli Stone (ABC)

I have only seen the premiere episode so far and I thought it started off with a big bang; sort of like the sound of a crane crashing through the skylight of a bank (had to watch it to know what I am talking about). The same very bank Eli’s boss happened to be in at the time of the crash. Now how is Aneurysm-less-vision-less Eli going to save his beloved boss now; I’m not telling; you should have watched. This episode even had a “Sixth-Sense/The Others” (movies) type only revealed in the end-surprise to it. I am so glad it’s Tuesday; looking forward to seeing Katie Holmes sing, dance and make me fall in love with her again; as I did in her days as Joey Potter in Dawson’s Creek. A+

The Mentalist (CBS)

I’ve seen about three episodes so far; I think it has great potential; it’s intriguing, sometimes funny. Simon Baker portrays his unique character well. B

90210 (The CW)

To be honest I really, really like this show; despite what some folks may be saying; it does have the Beverly Hills 90210 feel, with a modern twist. I find the storylines to be very captivating and the cast to be filled with lots pretty-people. My only issues with the show is I find the girls pretty in the face but their bodies are hard on the eyes; too distracting from the show’s core; they are so ridiculously skinny that it looks unhealthy and I think they need to change that with hast. Quick, feed those girls some food before teen girls start to believe that’s sexy and the way it ought to be. I also think the show needs some everyday looking extras; it needs more variety, to look like a real high school even at West Beverly High. I think Tristan Wilds who plays Dixon Wilson is really cute. The girls must llllllllllloooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvve him. A

Privileged (The CW)

I really like this show; it’s right up my chick-flick alley; it’s about “Yale graduate Megan Smith who recently moves to Manhattan with hopes of finding success in the field of journalism. However, when her plans go wrong, she accepts a job as the live-in tutor helping two wealthy high school students;” quote from tv.com. Megan is played by Joanna Garcia (loved her in Reba); however I really do think it needs a bigger underlining story to keep the not- as- easily- pleased- as- I- am t.v watchers satisfied. I love all the cast and characters but my favorite is Marco Giodani played by Allan Louis; he’s awesome; probably my most favorite gay character of all time. At the moment; Megan is dating the girl’s principal; forgot his name; that relationship bores me; so he has got to go; moving on. B


Pushing Daisies (ABC)

This is the most unique program on television right now. It’s colorful, it’s intriguing, has great characters but I fear it might be slightly losing a bit of it’s charm and it may need a little tweaking here and there. It’s missing something; one final ingredient to make the deliciously-sweet recipe complete; I don’t know what it needs but I do know; it needs something; it needs something. Oh, and this unfocused, love-sick version of the character Ned is both boring me and getting on my nerves. I love when characters are in love but does he have to be so pathetic about it; geez. B

Knight Rider (NBC)
It’s entertaining but does it have what it takes to keep us interested; I don’t know. I am not even really that into the underlining relationship between Michael and Sarah; I don’t really want it to work out; Sarah kind of bores me. The hinted sex scene between Michael and Zoe Chase (played by Smith Cho) was sexier and more interesting; I’m just saying. I want so badly for this show to survive and thrive; because I would hate to see another failed attempt at reviving the classics (Bionic Woman). I wonder what David Hasselhoff thinks? On another side of things I love the first, like the second and hate the last part of the theme song played during the opening credits. B

TilDeath (Fox)

I think replacing Kat Foster and Eddie Kaye Thomas with funny man J.B Smoove was a good move. J.B is a scene stealer and just too funny to contain. However; I don’t like how they sort of created a new story line; like if season one never existed and characters Kenny (J.B Smoove) and Eddie Stark (Brad Garrett) were friends forever. I think it would have been better to flow more smoothly; explain everything; so the change would still flow with the ongoing story and make more sense. So later on; when I am purchasing the complete series of this show; it would all flow like one ongoing life story. Anyway, the show still has life and could live very long with more interesting writing, a funny cast and J.B Smoove on board. B


Ugly Betty

I think the writing on this show is phenomenal as well. Every actor in this show breathes life into their character’s three-dimensional selves and I am intrigued. My favorite characters in the show are Betty (Duh), Wilhelmina, Marc, Amanda, Gio (who I think is so cute), Ignacio(who I think plays an awesome father) and Hilda (except for the whole having an affair with a married man thing-this season). I am disappointed that they did not bring Betty and Gio together because I loved the chemistry between the two. I hope they will eventually and that Gio would remain a part of the show for a very long time. I love his character. I heard a rumor of a new love interest for Betty this season; I don’t want it, I don’t like it, I reject it. I hated the whole storyline with Hilda and her son’s married gym teacher; so I am happy they broke up last week. I thought it was really interesting how the writers made Alexis the biological father of Daniel’s son (bet yah that’s never been done on t.v before). All and all it’s an awesome show with a long life to live (I hope). A


I stopped watching Smallville; so many seasons ago. So why am I watching it now at season eight? Three words; “Lois and Clark.” And to add to that; the Daily Planet; Metropolis; just the idea that Clark Kent farm boy is so much closer to becoming the Superman we know and love; intrigues me and I decided to stick around to be there when it finally happens. Did I mention I think Tom Welling is extremely handsome too? Love his cheek bone structure, love his eyes, love his body and his shiny black hear. B+

Life on Mars (ABC)

Seen two episodes of this series so far; I’ve got to say I am not impressed at all; at all; at all; at all. There is nothing about it to capture the viewer’s attention and keep it. I could go into why and all that jazz but I don’t really want to. I think this show sucks; “Women’s Murder Club” and “Journeyman” were way better and if they didn’t work; this show certainly will not. Jason O’Mara, Michael Imperioli, Harvey Keitel, Lisa Bonet and the rest of you cast of great actors; please try again because this show is not working. C-

Kath & Kim (NBC)

I have only seen one episode so far; I unfortunately missed the “Pilot” episode. However, the episode I did watch “Respect” did not make me laugh once and I at least know this; sitcoms are suppose to make you laugh, no? It’s too bad too; because these characters are the perfect recipe for a laugh-out-loud crowd pleasing sitcom. I think the actors and the parts they play in this series are meant to be together. Now only if we could add a large helping of funny; it would be almost perfect. Never the less; I have only seen one episode, so I’ll try again. C- (so far)


Ghost Whisperer (CBS)

Previous to this season (season four); I have only watched a few episodes of this series; I was intrigued and entertained by what I saw. This will be the first season I may be able to watch it in its entirety; as it’s actually not clashing with something I’d love to see more. I don’t really have much to say about this show; I am very entertained by it; my husband thinks Jennifer Love Hewitt is hott; I love her style; the stories are very interesting and I love that the marriage between lead character Melinda (JLH) and her husband remains in tack even after three seasons. Let’s see what happens in season four. P.S- I think the opening credits are creepy; especially when she (a paper like version of Melinda) rips herself in two; creepy; perfect for this Halloween season. A

The Ex List (CBS)

I am really not too sure if I hate it or love it or just in between. I’ll get back to you on that one. I think the show has a sexy cast and I love seeing a new sexy stud every week; but my question is; will the lead character Bella; who is sort of cute by the way; have sex with all of them. Slutty, don’t you think? I just don’t know; I think it might be added to the “Got Cancelled” list. Good concept though. B

Crusoe (NBC)

I have only seen the two hour premiere so far and I think it rocked. Loooooooooooovvvvvvve it. My husband and I both love these kinds of adventures, so with the right kind writing; I think it has the potential to be a great show. I thought though; that the flashbacks with Crusoe and his wife got old and boring really fast; and my husband vocalized what I was thinking in the midst of watching them; “I hope they are not going to do this every week;” I agree, it seems like a buzz kill; boring and unnecessary but we’ll see. P.S- the pirate captain in the season premiere was both funny and awesome; a perfect t.v version of Captain Jack Sparrow and Captain Barbossa from the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. I think the character Friday will be an asset to what makes this show so great. A+

Life (NBC)

I like this show; I find it unique; interesting; very entertaining; very funny at times and it has one extremely captivating lead character Charlie Crews (played by Damian Lewis); it’s a good show; it needs a shake-up though but still a very good show. Quote of the year; has to be when Crews pulls over his ex-wife’s husband and asked this gentleman permission to sleep with his wife. P.S- I think Crews is sexy; as well as his partner Dani Reese; not sure if I am feeling the new boss played by Donal Logue (Gounded for Life and Knights of Prosperity) yet; this show doesn’t seem like a good fit for him; in my opinion; he stands out like a sore thumb. A

The End

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