Homeschool to public school

This new school year I officially hung up my homeschooling mom cap and sent my two older kids- 9 years old- 4th grade and 5 years old-Kindergarten to a public elementary school in our new neighborhood/ State.

In this post (Why this homeschooling mom is sending her kids to school and how it makes me feel) I shared my reasons why and how I felt about it. Now it’s been about a month since they started this new journey, and I’d like to share how it has been so far and how I feel about it now.

Well, so far, it’s been good. My kids love their new school. They are excited to go to school every day and always have lots of exciting stories to share about their day when they come home.

I must say, I really like their school too. If there ever was a good school to make this homeschool to public school transition with, this is it. This is one of the top rated public schools in America. How did we get so lucky? I know! Our God is an awesome God!

This school is a complete package for me- the teachers are terrific, the administration is great. As a parent you never feel out of the loop or left out of your children’s school experience. This school keeps you well informed via e-mail, text, voicemail, newsletter, sending home letters with the kids.

This school doesn’t only focus on academics, but it makes the children’s school journey a fun experience. The kids have many things they look forward to every week- art, music, P.E, computer, library. My son has been borrowing a new Dinosaur book on Library day every week so far .

There are always fun things happening at this school like days where they get to dress up. For instance, last week, the school had Super Hero day in celebration of summer reading and the kids got to dress up like Superheroes via costume or t-shirt. The kids had a blast. There are so much more exciting activities like that to come.

Superhero  Collage

I am even impress with the school lunches – they serve some fun, healthy, nutritious lunches. I am confident everyday that my kids are eating and eating healthy and they have pizza every Friday too.

So how’s our family adapting?

A Typical School Day So Far-

Morning Routine- We rise at 6 a.m (most days), 6:15-6:20 (if we lag in bed a little). My daughter (9) makes up her bed, among other things, then helps prepare for breakfast, by setting the table and other needed jobs.

Mom makes breakfast. While the kids are eating breakfast, mom prepares school snacks and pick out clothes for the day (mostly only my son’s, my daughter picks out her own clothes with parental approval).

Then the kids shower and get dressed. Hair gets done. After hair, we have 10 minutes morning devotions and prayer. Then my daughter practices piano, till it is time to go. At 8:20 my husband takes them to the bus stop around the corner and my day with just me and my two little ones begin.

My Days- Well, I don’t get as much done as I would like to, because I still have two very dependent little ones (11 months & 2 years old) to tend to. Mostly, I get an hour of nap time (when I am blessed enough to get them to nap at the same time) to steal for whatever main goal I want to accomplish that day, e.g fold laundry, blog, etc.

Other than that I  mainly look after kid’s daily needs. I try to at least tidy kitchen, dining room and living room, and take a shower and clean myself up, before the kids get home. However my days are mostly feeding kids, changing diapers/pull-ups, and watching over my tots.

Evening Routine- Dad waits for bus to arrive, accompanied by our two year old. Kids arrive at about 3:30-3:45. We spend about 10-20 mins talking about their day. After which, they put away their school stuff, change, eat, go outside, do homework, read.

This school does not give a ridiculous amount homework, for which I am very grateful. It emphasizes on reading time as a part of their homework, the kids have a reading log that they have to hand in to the teacher every Friday, which parents are asked to sign. I’m so happy to see my daughter finally spending time reading chapter books on her own.

What About Us?

My Feelings- Truly, at this season of my motherhood journey. I’m glad that we found a good school where I can feel my children are well taken care of, as well as safe in their learning and growing. I am glad to not have to stress and worry about all four of them all day long. Truly, in this season, amid the various phases of life my children are in, that was proving to be very hard and draining to keep up with.

God knew what I needed in this season of motherhood and He provided. Still very little of my daily life is my own, and that still takes a lot out of me, but I am glad for a little ease for those hours a day, when my older children are at school, learning, growing and gaining wonderful memories and experiences.

My husband- He finally got his own office, away from our living space (due to our move to a bigger home). Having only the little ones to take care of daily and being that I am no longer homeschooling, he is able to work longer, quieter uninterrupted hours. Which is very good for the growth of our family business.

He is also very glad that this school has a musical program, and starting next week our daughter will be learning the flute. There will be a winter concert in January. My husband also likes this school very much.

The little ones- My two year old gets to go with daddy to take the kids to the bus every morning, and wait for them to get off the bus every evening. He looks forward to that activity with dad everyday. Both kids have adapted to older sister and brother not being at home during the day very well. Hey, more quality with mom and dad (mostly mom).

All and all, hanging up my homeschooling mom hat for now and sending our kids to school has been a good move for our family so far. This is what our family needs at the moment. It is the right time, place and right school.

God knows what our family’s future and our children’s education journey will hold, but this is what it is now.

Only the Father knows what’s to come. We’ll just have to trust and wait and see.

Blessings and thank you for following up on my journey.