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MOVE! Get out the way; get out the way; Will Smith is coming and he’s here to stay. Okay, okay, enough with the cheese. I don’t know if I ever told you all this before but I am a huge Will Smith fan.
So guess what movie I recently went to see in the theaters; you know you can. No not “I am Legend,” although I did watch that too; it was alright. Okay; it was probably better than alright but it wasn’t my type of film; I only watched it because it starred and I mean starred one of the sexiest (in more ways than one) men in Hollywood.

Anyway; did you guess yet? Let me give you another clue; it also stars Jason Bateman and Charlize Theron. You know what it is now, don’t you? But do you know how awesome it was. Did you watch it? What did you think?

It definitely wasn’t your typical superhero movie; I don’t recommend this movie for children; it had some bad language and a lot of adult content.

Hancock is a new class of Superhero and can not be envelop in the same category of Hero as Superman, Batman; Wonder woman etc. He maybe, could possibly hang with the X-men; Daredevil; Electra and the Hulk but he is definitely in a class of his own.

Hancock wasn’t one of those movies that dished out all the goods in the trailer; so you basically knew what to expect; this movie really laid out a lot of surprises at every turn; it had meat and the best meat of all was Smith in a hot leather suit with an eagle on the back; he also showed a little buttocks.

It was a bit strange seeing him do his angry-at-the–world-don’t–give-a-@&*# face; I’d like to tell you; you get use to it but I really didn’t. It looked weird.
All and all; it was a lot of fun to watch; the tone of the movie was a little different than I expected but it did appease me. I love that it was unpredictable and pretty damn cool. I loved the ending of course; it’s my kind of movie; my kind of ending. Hope you love it to.

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