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Hawthorne Summer Premiere Review

Premiere Date: 14th June 2011

Episode Title: “For Better or Worse”

Episode Summary:

The episode starts at Christina’s and Tom’s backyard wedding. Christina is beautiful, smiling, and happy and her dress is beautiful. The ambience is gorgeous. Then they very soon made us aware that Christina neighbors are about to take a family trip and some workers are about to cut down a tree or something like that. Christina and Tom says their “I dos,” but basking in their wedding bliss is shortlived and immediately you hear a loud crash, a tree has fallen on her neighbors vehicle as they were about to leave.

You see Christina running to the scene in her beautiful wedding dress holding her pregnant belly.

Fast forward to later that night, the family is fine; and Christina and Tom are happily ready to head home and get their wedding night going. Tom is called into a meeting and Christina heads to the parking lot on her own, while talking to Tom on her cell. While still on the cell with Tom, someone who you couldn’t see their face, comes up behind her and smashes her head into her car glass window, then throws her to the ground, punches her, kicks her, really beats her up.

Fast forward a little bit more, Tom and Christina, along with some of their peers are doing everything in their power to save their baby, while Nurse Candy (pretty blonde nurse) is having hers in another room. Meanwhile Detective Nick Renata, a man who deeply cares for Christina, is out there looking for the perpetrator, with the one lead Christina remembered; he had a ring with a red stone in the middle. In the final minutes of that episode, apparently by the end of the night, Detective Nick returns with the ring, gives it to Christina and tells her “sleep well.” Cue the music.

5 Reasons why I watch Hawthorne:

1.) Jada Pinkett Smith is one of my favorite actresses, since “Low Down Dirty Shame.”
2.) Hawthorne does have some compelling stories
3.) There was this one episode in Season One, that took my breath away. Season 1, Episode 9, “Mother’s Day”
4.) Christina Hawthorne is a confident, strong, intelligent woman, a good mom, a hard-worker and a fighter, an epiphany of a women of strength, the kind of woman I’d like to strive to be
5.) The actress Jada Pinkett Smith seems to be that kind of woman too

My Review of Season 3, Episode 1

I think that wedding was a total reflection of what a Christina Hawthorne wedding would be like. At one point Christina was asked if that was her dream wedding and she said yes, you know, I really think she meant that.

At the point, when Christina was being beaten in the parking lot, I thought, wow, that person must really hate her to do something so evil, what could anyone have done to someone so bad, that they deserved something like that.

So as much as trying to save their baby made for good medical drama, I wanted more answers. None was really provided in this first episode and I would feel very angry and cheated if none would be provided in the next one either.

Nevertheless, it was a very interesting way to reintroduce Detective Nick Renata back into the series. Let’s see where it all goes from here.

Season Three, episode Two “Fight or Flight” premieres Tuesday, June 21, at 10/9 c.

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