Hey ya’ll, it’s June

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Hey ya’ll, it’s June

            So what’s up with you? What’s up with me? I’m alright, things aren’t so bad. On surface things may seem a little rough but then if you look closely you really begin to see even in the most difficult of times (not saying that this is the most difficult) God is working on us, through us, with us and we are more blessed than we realize. This is a journey, and sometimes you meet a bumpy road but that road is leading you somewhere and most likely if you keep pressing forward you’re going somewhere great, but nevertheless things are good and blessed.

            This year started out with a miscarriage and anxieties about taking a leadership position with my church’s youth group (almost quit before I started, was so scared).

            Now, I had my second Ultrasound for my baby conceived about two months after my miscarriage on Monday and it turns out it’s a boy ( I have a soon to be 3 yr old girl already), isn’t that awesome; a boy and a girl, almost every parent’s dream. 

            And where youth group is concerned God is blessing me with the ideas and so for the youth have been very receptive to them, they even gave me a really sweet Mother’s Day Gift and card. Do you want to know what it says, ok, ok, here goes:


You’re someone who remembers

All the extra “little things”

that mean so much to others

when you do them-

you give a friendly smile,

a gentle word, a helping hand

and put such special

thoughtfulness into them.

You’re someone

With a special way

of bringing on the sunshine

and making others’ hearts

a little lighter-

and thanks to you,

 those “little things” add up

to quite a lot to make

the whole world brighter!


Then you open the card and it says on the inside:


Thanks for all the little things.


It’s one of the sweetest cards, I have ever gotten, and I’m real sentimental about these things. That gift and card really made my day special.

            Last week our youth project was called “My Photo Story” where they each had to go home and design a poster with some of their favorite photographs and tell us the story behind them. I loved putting together that piece of artwork and I know they loved it too.

            We had a nice “Show ‘n’ Tell” the previous session and we discussed motherhood, I presented the mothers in the group with a nice card and gift (Mother’s Day).

            The week before that we did an exercise called “The Blessings List,” where we each were asked to write down 10 unique ways God blesses and enriches our lives. This project really got people thinking including me.

            Next week, we are having an art session, where I am dividing the group in two and one group will work on “A Tribute to President Barack Obama,” and the other will work on “A Portrait of Spring.”

            Guess what? My sister is coming to visit me from the Caribbean on Sunday, she’ll be here until August 29th, the day after my 27th birthday, and she’s going to be 16 next month; and my mom and my other little sister with visit on the 25th Jul until Aug 29th. I am really looking forward to their visit.

            I volunteered to help out with Vacation Bible School  at my church, for a week in August, I’ll be assisting with the crafts, I am very much looking forward to it and I hope I do really well and don’t let anxiety get the better of me, I’ll pray about it. I am planning to have my baby shower August 22nd. Two days before my daughter’s 3rd Birthday and 6 days before mine. So I am hoping, praying and expecting an awesome summer. Hope you have one too!


Luv TishTishBaby

My First Ultrasound pics

My First Ultrasound pics

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