I am a bit bummed

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I am a bit bummed

My last post I talked about all the t.v shows I have been watching this fall season; the ones I loved, liked, undecided, didn’t like and hated. Well; I came online today to do a little research for another post I was going to write; but I came across an article on Yahoo; about shows in danger of being canceled. Well; three shows I really like was on that list. “Opportunity Knocks;” the first game show I ever loved; has been pulled off the air; after only three showings; my husband liked that game show too. “Pushing Daisies” is in danger and “Valentine” has a high probability of being axed.

            The Ex-List” has been canceled; which is pretty convenient; because I only decided yesterday; that this show is not for me.

            Now off the topic of being bummed. Truth is; I find it very interesting the direction the show “Heroes” is going in; it’s tweaked my curiosity to stick around a bit longer and see what happens. The Character Megan broke up with her dull and turned-out cheater boyfriend on the new show “Privileged” which shows on Tuesday nights on The CW.  The character Hilda broke up with her son’s married coach on “Ugly Betty;” as well as Lindsay Lohan turned up the heat for character Betty Suarez in the episode “ Granny Pants;” she put the “MEAN” in “MEAN GIRL.”

             I was not fulfilled by the second episode of t.v fave “Eli Stone” titled “Grace;” it just did not add anything to Eli’s story for me; it left me empty and unsatisfied. It felt like it was just an episode written specifically to accommodate Katie Holmes as a part of the show; as oppose to one written for the good of Eli’s journey and the series. It felt like a slight detour to me. Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed Katie’s musical number and I still think she is cute.

            Are any of you guys; “Dancing with the Stars” fans? Did you see the performance of Cloris Leachman last night? Please America, free the woman; playtime is over; let her go home and get some rest. I want to see some real dancing. P.S- I like the group Hip-Hop routine; it would have been almost perfect; if Cloris and Susan Lucci weren’t in it. You know what I’d like to happen tonight on the result show; I would like them to send home Susan Lucci (who I loved in the Lifetime Christmas movie Ebbie-by the way); then next week find an excuse to replace Cloris with Toni Braxton; that’ll be an awesome twist.

            Anyway; I know most of you guys can’t even relate to this post because you don’t know these shows and what I am talking about but thanks for letting me write through my bumness I feel so much better. Now I can write what I intended to in the first place. By the way; those who do watch as much t.v as I do and know what I am talking about please comment; that’ll make my day; to know they are more of me (t.v freaks) out there. I am thinking of boycotting all new shows next season. It just breaks your heart; when these flings don’t last.



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