I’m thinking of canceling my Vampire Diaries Season Pass (A Little Bit of Rambling)

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I’m thinking of canceling my Vampire Diaries Season Pass (A Little Bit of Rambling)

Not that the show has disappointed me or diminished in quality or mystery in anyway. When last I watched, it was still pretty interesting; although the relationship between Stephen and Elena was starting to bore and irritate me a bit. Unfortunately just like with the dumb Twilight series, I began rooting for the doomed relationship (Team Jacob/Team Damon).

Just to talk about the Twilight series a little. I think the first flick was a little below alright but it didn’t suck; it was just a little dumb. With the introduction of the love triangle in New Moon I thought it might get a little more interesting and even a bit sexy (at least the trailers had that vibe), however, it turned out to be a pointless, pathetic and selfish (Bella), pointless, lovesick and irrational (Bella and Edward), disappointing film with one sexy hunk (Jacob :)), dumb characters (The Volturi and the entire character line-up) and two wasted hours of my life. I know I mentioned pointless twice, not a typo.

 I thought that Jacob was a really sweet guy, friend and hero when Bella really needed one and I enjoyed the friendly banter between the two, in my opinion he is a much more sensible choice for Bella to fall in love with, but she selfishly misused his love for her and dishonestly led him on.

There is this one scene between the two of them where Bella stupidly hurts herself and she feels blood on her forehead and apologizes, then Jacob says “Bella, you’re apologizing for bleeding?” I just think with Jacob, she could of have something closer to a normal less intense life.   Listen to me rattle on about this stuff like its real, it’s a good thing this is my blog and I can say whatever I want. Nevertheless, my apologies for my longwinded yet miniature Twilight review.


As for Vampire Diaries’ Damon; he is or was a bad guy for hundreds of years, spilling many innocent blood, but his love for Elena has given him a change of heart. Does that undo what he did or who he was? Why do we always root for the bad guys?

 I think it’s because they are often sexier and more intriguing, thus that is the case here. Nevertheless, should I continue to watch the show in hopes that something evolves between these two characters?

To be honest, this t.v show doesn’t add to my life in anyway. I’m not sure I’m into the direction its heading. The only thing to keep me watching and chop it up to a guilty pleasure is the hopes that something (not necessarily sex) happened between Damon and Elena, and that’s not very likely to happen, and if it does. Where would the story go from there? What would happen to Stephen and Damon’s relationship? More drama!

Right now I have 5 unwatched VD episodes in my Tivo recordings; I’ve just not been in the VD mode lately. Lately I’ve desired feel-good wholesome entertainment. Not love triangle, blood spilling, supernatural creatures at war type stuff.

So what to you think, delete them, cancel the season pass and move on? Besides doing that would fit into two of my 2011 goals, to fill my mind with more positive things and watch tv less, read more. I was just keeping the recordings there just in case I got in the VD mood again. Other stuff I have canceled season passes for lately (late last year) because I wasn’t feeling the drama and direction the shows were heading are The Good Wife (got too political for me, it’s a shame, I really loved the first season) and Hellcats (Too much drama and sex for me).

I think I’ve made my decision. Still let me know what you think? Thanks for bearing with my rambling.

Hot Guy! Dumb Franchise!

Are they any shows you are thinking you should stop watching?

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