Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

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Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Wow; when did Shia LeBeouf become such a heartthrob? He certainly did not grow out of his cuteness; he just got sexier and even a little edgy. I don’t know about you all but I like it. I have never seen a smoother transition from child star in children/family oriented films to hot-sexy action star in grown folk flicks. I am so proud.

Anyway; for many years I have been a great Indiana Jones fanatic; I love the entire trilogy; especially the one that co-starred the sexiest old man on the planet Sean Connery; “Indiana Jones and the last Crusade,” it was funny, exciting and totally awesome. Loved it!

So my question is; why; oh; why; did they take so long to do the fourth? I mean it was still good; as long as you watch it with a fresh pair of eyes; no expectations or comparisons.

It was just slightly weird to see my young vibrant Indy; looking so old and tired; almost like he didn’t even want to be there; to me and feel free to disagree his young protégé stole the show; there was this one scene with him and Indiana kicking butt; I loved it and was really impressed.

I really think that it would be good to build a new generation Indiana franchise with Shia steering the wheel and Harrison in the passenger seat; I mean if he was down for it; sort of like passing on the baton to keep the dream alive. We’ll see.

Not hating on the grown-folks though; Harrison Forde really did lay out all the goods; he wasn’t bad at all; just don’t expect him to be the same Indy he was twenty years ago; that would be extremely unreasonable; watch it as if it is a brand new story; with brand new characters; you’ll enjoy it more. I thought Cate Blanchet rocked her phony accent and brought life to the film; the rest of the cast were like the seasonings and spices that bought it all together to create something spectacular. Kudos; I loved it and thought it was brilliant in its own right.

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