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Inkheart Movie Review

inkheart_posterSo I finally was able to watch the Epic/Adventure Inkheart a couple of days ago, now that it is on DVD (came out Tuesday, June 23rd) and I have to say I really enjoyed it.

            Heard a few reviews here or there about it, when it came out in Theaters and it seemed that some had higher expectations and were unfortunately disappointed by the outcome; but for me I didn’t have a single expectation; just hopes.

             I hoped that I would be entertained by this film and I was; I hoped that at some point I would sit forward in my chair anxiously awaiting what happens next and at times I did; I hoped that I would really despise the evil in this film and be routing for the good guys to hurry up and kick some butt and I did. So in my books; this movie did not waste two hours of my life and I did not want my money back; in fact; I think I’ll even get myself a copy for my personal collection; so that my family and I could sit together and enjoy it again and again.

             I have always been a fan of most of Brendan Frasier’s work; The Mummy 3 not included. I loved The Mummy and I absolutely completely whole-heartedly (get the picture) adored The Mummy 2. Brendan Frasier makes me laugh and is pretty good at doing the whole hero bit and doing these kinds of films; he has had a lot of practice.

            Inkheart is the first of its kind; in terms of its concept. It has an unique storyline; an interesting ending; one or two twists (predictable and unexpected); all and all I liked it; I’ll give it four stars or out of five; one star for a creative and original concept; one star for Brendan Frasier (who I love as an actor); another for the evil dude Capricorn played by Andy Serkis; who also portrays the naughty and disgusting Gollum/Smeagol in “The Lord of the Ring” series; and his wicked henchmen; and the last star for the very cute actor (Rafi Gavron-never seen him before) who played Farid; I probably appreciated and mentioned how cute he was about six times while watching this movie; other than his “cutie-patootiness” ; he really did not have much of a challenging or stand-out role to make you want to know him or crave more of his work; anyway I wish his cuteness and his career all the best.

I will put this film on my Epic movie collection shelf right between the Harry Potters and Stardust (have you seen that one, I absolutely love it, rent or buy it, pleeeeeaaaaaassssee). Oh, Chronicles of Narnia(s) is on that shelf too. What did you think of this movie, let me know, please?


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