It’s my Birthday and i’ll be Thankful if I want to

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It’s my Birthday and i’ll be Thankful if I want to

Good Morning, Friends

Today is my 26th Birthday and it is a little quiet today; no big deal; nothing spectacular on the rise. It’s just a day like any other with the exception of a few very sweet birthday greetings and well wishes. I am happy to be here another day and I am grateful to God for my last twenty-five years of life.

My Husband forgot for a little while this morning; that today is my birthday; only when I commented on a very nice e-card I received from a friend; that he remembered and immediately raced up to me saying how sorry he was he forgot for a little bit and gave me a big hug and kiss and wished me a big Happy Birthday with lots of love. I have no doubt in my heart once so ever that my husband loves me. He is a man and therefore does not think of these kinds of things the way I do (not as sentimental as I am). However, he often gets it right, so I’ll let this one slide.

As he wished me special birthday greetings; he told me (which I already knew) that he can’t get me anything right now because we don’t have any cash but he promises he’ll make it up to me with something special very soon. That’s okay, I completely understand the situation; right now; we are saving up to make another step upwards in our journey (moving into our own apartment).

I’m not unhappy that today is a quiet birthday. I am so hopeful and grateful. I believe with all my heart that someday; I’ll have a big Birthday bash at Disney World and someday on my Birthday I’ll be having a family or romantic dinner in a restaurant in Santorini, Greece; someday on my birthday I’ll be looking my second baby ( boy or girl) in her eyes and see a new hope; someday on my birthday my husband and I will be cuddling in a warm embrace in a Gondola in Venice; someday on my birthday we will explore the castles of Ireland and the dreams go on; well you get my point.

Today on my birthday; I get to hug my daughter; see her smile and play; today on my birthday my husband made me breakfast; today on my birthday the postman brought me a birthday greeting card and four postcards from Pennsylvania, U.S.A and a Grand Canyon postcard from Arizona, U.S.A (; today my brother Shane; who is four years younger than I; e-mailed me really funny Hoops and Yoyo ( e-cards from Hallmark (four to be exact); today I chat with my mommy online and my daddy called to wish me Happy Birthday; a really cool chick who I am looking forward to grow in friendship with dropped me a line via e-mail and a really cool chick who I have been growing in friendship with for the past year sent me a beautiful e-card and the list of my beautiful blessings today and days past goes on and on. So despite; the lack of excitement; today is an awesome birthday filled with joy. Thank you, God.

So I am a bit tired because I have been sitting in an uncomfortable position on the computer all day; doing what? Beats me, if I know, but I’ll have to chit-chat with you more a tomorrow, I got to go stretch my feet. Thanks all for reading this, love you all and Happy Birthday to me.

Until Tomorrow………

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